The First Indication for Naam Jaap to Sai Devotee Rakhi

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P.S. We are receiving emails, comments, SMS’s, Whatsappp messages from devotee readers, members of MahaParayan, asking how to join Naam Jaap group, we request you all to give us some time to reveal everything. These are series of posts where we have highlighted how Lord Baba has Himself inspired this Spiritual Venture. Naam Jaap process and its execution will soon be announced. Till then kindly assimilate messages related to Naam Jaap. “Shraddha” “Saburi” are key virtues valuable to Lord Baba.

Yesterday’s post introduced that Lord Sai Baba is now blessing us to start “Naam Jaap” venture in collective way. 2018 is Centenary Year of MahaSamadhi of Lord Baba and we all are witnessing how responsive He is being for welfare of His devotees. He is blessing all His kids (each and every living thing on this earth) by being at His service. We say we are doing His service as gratitude for all His Mercy and Blessings. Quoting an instance from Shri Sai Satcharitra, Lord Sai Baba asked Mrs. Tarkhad to chant “RajaRama RajaRama” when she was shampooing His legs and Lord Baba was kneading her arms which were shampooing legs. This is technically “Shakti-pat” but Lord Baba again practically laid emphasis on Naam-Smaran. let’s now proceed to The First Indication for Naam Jaap to Sai Devotee Rakhi

Hetal ji,

Thanks for the wonderful Sai seva you are doing. Your blog has given me a lot of hope and support in tough times. You are like our Shama who did Baba’s seva 24/7.

Coming to my story

Beginning of the year 2017, I visited the Sai Baba mandir in Columbus. I never go during Bhajan time but somehow it was a blessed day. I was thoroughly enjoying the Bhajans and I thanked Baba. I wanted to stay in that happy and peaceful moment. In that moment where I was mesmerized with Sai and His love I heard a voice saying to me Do Bhajans for a year. I was greatly puzzled and was not sure if it was my self generated thought or Baba actually talked to me. I even felt like may be I was asking Baba, it’s like a trance feeling when I look back and it left me with only one thought that was to do BHAJANS.

Over time this thought got deeper and deeper and I kept asking Saimaa when do you want me to do the Bhajans? I would sometimes feel I am overthinking it but the thought never left me, it just got deeper and deeper.

I kept worrying about it and told, “Baba this year is passing so fast, I have no plan whatsoever please tell me what month should I start doing the Bhajans”. This thought had become something that I would think about it over and over.

Somewhere during April one day I asked him that if it is not my thought and it’s Yours Baba, You have to tell me the time frame.

That evening I met up with a few friends who happened to be Baba devotees and one of them mentioned to the other that starting October of 2017 Shirdi is going to celebrate the 100th year of Baba’s Mahasamadhi.

I didn’t have a clue that such a thing was happening in Shirdi.

Making connections about what I heard and it struck me Baba confirmed the timing, “Bhajans to begin in October”, that’s it I was amazed at my Baba’s sweet leela and felt such a connection as how I am getting answered

I thought Oh my sweet Baba. You answered me.

My Baba answered me the time of doing Bhajans, His 100th Samadhi year, where celebrations were not limited to Shirdi but around the world. I felt so relieved and happy as I felt Baba told me to involve myself celebrating this event.

Time and again my mind was crowded now that what am I going to do? Bhajans for a year? How? What will I do ?This had become an inseparable thought.

And I left it on My Deva Sai to guide me. Human by nature I kept checking myself again and again and asked Baba, it’s my self generated thought or you are guiding me.

One morning in my talks with Sai i asked Baba that if it’s Your wish to have Bhajans and not my self generated thought You have to give me a very clear sign. I kept asking this because I had no plan, but some time later I forgot all about my conversation with Baba.

That same day one of my friend texted me saying that they dropped Shirdi prasad in my mail box. I was like how lucky I am getting prasad in my mailbox. I was happy that Baba came to my house. Thinking about it I just made my connection that I had asked Baba to give me a clear sign. I had goosebumps as I couldn’t believe that I asked Baba a sign and I myself forgot about it.

Another confirmation straight from Shirdi.

It was unbelievable. That to me was like Deva how you arrange things and as, the thought comes to the mind You get it materialized. That was a clear indication that I was guided by Baba to do Bhajans.

Now I wondered about the date?

What date should I proceed and do the Bhajans

15th October is the date when Baba took Mahasamdhi and I decided to do the first Bhajan on 15th October at my house.

Things went on and I kept on asking Baba what will I do for a year as I have no clue what to do? I was super excited about the Bhajans.

Meanwhile as I follow Hetal ji blog “Devotees experiences with Sai Baba” from a long time, and one of the days I saw this post of Mahaparayan and filled the form and wanted to be a part of it. We had a busy summer and I didn’t think much, but wanted to join the mahaparayan.

Three weeks back I went to Baba temple and I told pandit ji about how Baba is guiding me to do bhajans and the first bhajans I am going to be planning is on 15th October as it is the date that He left His mortal body. Pandit ji at once told me that you need to start on 30th September as it is Dushera, he said gather a few people and you must do start on 30th.

This confused me even more as I was asking Baba what shall I do on the 30th now as I was planning to do my first Bhajan on the 15th of October.

By now I was sure of one thing that my guiding light Baba will light up the path for me.

One thing that I am unable to still understand that this thought of doing something for Baba was so strong that I would think about it a lot very unknowingly.

Monday September 4th morning my kids were home and I took a day off, casually thinking about 30th September I asked Baba that You please come up with a plan, don’t know what I am doing, I have a thought but it’s so vague that I am unable to connect the dots Baba.

A curious thing I want to share and my conclusion to it is Hetal Jis words that “Sai Incidents are not coincidences”. Since a long long time I have been coming across the no. 108, initially it would be like wow, it’s an auspicious number and whether it’s time on my phone, highway, exit, timer, check number, address, this number has been coming over and over in contact and I would wonder always am I forgetting something? How come I am seeing this auspicious number all the time? What am I not getting? Puzzled as I was I left the thought.

I just left that thought as I was not able to connect anything.

Coming back 4th September is the day when Kanika ji who is the person who contacted me from the Mahaparayan (MP) group called me and talked about the parayan.

I was excited the I got a chance to do the parayan (reading )

We talked about making a group of 48 people and I offered to help to make a group.

I was very very excited about being a part of parayan but later when I connected my dots, the things that gave me goosebumps and I was overwhelmed to see Baba miracles were;

1) MP starts from 30 September (date given by Pandit ji)

2) It is the same time frame for a YEAR that Baba asked me to do i.e. 30 September to October 2018.

3) The 108 number was my hint from Baba to be a part of the Mahaparayan.

When I moved to USA and when I started doing my parayans at home I would always wish if I can do one day parayan and gather Sai devotees, and for years together I couldn’t do it, but a true and pure wish is always accepted in Baba’s Darbar, he gave me an opportunity to make a parayan group.

And Bhajans have been my long lost wish too which initially I couldn’t fulfill.

I had Bhajans at my home on 15 October and i am posting the video clip where Baba seems to enjoy the Bhajans in the form of flowers.

What else can I say, I was blown away by my SAI seeet leela and felt much gratitude and love from Baba.

Sorry for the long post but I was very happy to share this with all of you as I believe Baba hinted the Maha parayan.

Aum Sairam🙏🙏🌹🙏🙏

To Be Continued: Another hint by Lord Baba to Sai Sister Rakhi

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  1. Extremely encouraging experience dear. Eagerly waiting to be a part of Sai Naam Jap Om Sai Ram.Sai Sai

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