How Shirdi Sai Inspired Stavan Manjari Parayan And Its Execution

Bhabhi, I wish the whole world reads the Stavan Manjari on Ekadashi Day…!

This one sentence as seen in yesterday’s post of how Sai Baba gave indication to Dr. Harsha Gupta to lead the Stavan Manjari Parayan Seva, together backed up with few leelas of Baba kept running in my mind and I kept ignoring it due to the busy schedule. But our Sai Maa knows what is to be done when and making whom as the instrument and so finally inspired to help Harsha ji take up this seva too.

Before I share the leelas behind it, let me give a brief idea about what it is?

“Stavan Manjari is a hymn of praises composed by one of the great devotees of Baba Das Ganu Maharaj. Just before 36 days of Baba’s Mahasamadhi he wrote it and read before Baba. In that it was mentioned that whoever do parayana of this book daily with Shraddha and Bhakti their all wishes will be fulfilled by Sai Baba. After that Das Ganu read it before Baba and also the phalasruthi that is rewards one gets by reading it. In short one’s all problems can be solved and below are few rewards mentioned in it that one gets.”

With repeated recitations of this hymn for one year,

Dull wits will be sharpened
Where wealth is wanting Kuber the Lord of wealth Himself will come to stay.
To the childless, children will be born,
All the ailments will be dispelled,
Prestige will increase, Fear and worry will disappear.
If perchance, someone’s life is short, then he will live upto a 100 years! 
Spiritual Progress will also be rapid

And many more…

On hearing this Baba Himself agreed by nodding his head and said, “Yes they will be blessed with those results.”

I would now like to describe few amazing leelas through which Baba inspired Stavan Manjari Parayan.

Baba made Impossible as Possible

Towards the beginning of August 2017, one night I saw a dream where I was sitting in front of Baba and reading Stavan Manjari. When I woke up I decided to read Stavan Manjari for 9 days. I somehow read for 9 days as it was difficult to understand. As Baba had indicated, I then thought that I need to read it anyhow even though I was not understanding it fully. I did not have much time to research with the words and their meanings as had lot of Mahaparayan work to be done. Then I read for 9 days and then stopped.

The Mahaparayan groups were in formation and I still remember that we wanted to form 108 groups for which we needed 5000 plus devotees. The registration process started on 9th July Guru Pournima and we faced many technical problems. Due to which till August end we had received only 350 registrations and we needed to complete all 108 groups with 5000 plus people by 15th of Sept so as to further smoothen the execution. Had full faith that if Baba has given orders it shall be done but still nothing was working out. I was trying all possible means and even had a meeting with Shirdi Sansthan People and much more. But Baba’s peculiarity is that He never gave anything readymade and made us work harder and then only deserve it. As the time was running I started praying Baba for help.

It was only then that I then remembered the Stavan Manjari dream and promised Baba that I shall read it for one whole year and prayed Him to help for the successful execution of Mahaparayan with 108 groups right from formation etc. I started reading it daily and Baba gave the idea of team building with received 350 registrations. Then what? By 8th of September itself we were done with 120 plus teams and I had to tell the volunteers to stop further formation and to first fine tune the existing groups that were formed. So that which looked Impossible Baba made it Possible and gave more than what we had asked for; as by Dasera 30th Sept 2017 we were ready with 135 teams (even after deciding to stop!)

Sharing one more leela which my mom experienced. She never knew the vow that I had taken to read it for one whole year daily. She too on her own prayed Baba for our some property deal which was pending almost past 10 years to be solved and promised that she would read it daily. Wonder of wonders as she started reading it, the work which was pending past 10 years was done within few days!

One of my close relative was not conceiving past 8 years of her marriage. On Ekadashi she would read it sometimes. On 6th May 2017 when I woke up it was around 5 a.m and suddenly without any intention I started praying Baba for her to conceive. I then heard a voice within that, ‘’Aj ekadashi hai, Usse Stavan Manjari Padhne Bol.” (Today is Ekadashi and ask her to read Stavan Manjari). I was shocked and thought may be it was my illusion and I am still not fully awake. But the voice within was felt strongly and so googled about Ekadashi in May 2017. I was dumbstruck and by then had come to my senses fully as it was really an Ekadshi and then messaged her all that had happened along with the screenshot. After that she too read it on every ekadashi and Baba answered her prayers just after few months! Attaching the screenshot of the same.

Then on 6th of Jan 2018 I was passing by Harsha ji’s house (my sister-in-law) and out of nowhere I remembered her noble wish of the whole world reading Stavan Manjari on Ekadashi. Immediately the different types of possible parayans started revolving in the mind as though Baba had started with His work of getting the seva done. I immediately called Harsha ji and told her about it and asked her to take the entire responsibility of this seva. She was not very sure because of the various responsibilities along with a hyperactive 1.5 year old kid. She asked for some time to think about it. I was confident that she would be able to do it and it was further confirmed when she said that just in that week itself she has taken the vow to read it daily and felt as if Baba had guided her.

My heart and faith reassured that it was again Baba Who was doing everything and Harsha Di would come up with a Yes and so even before she gave her confirmation I called up Hetal Di and shared with her the 4 types of Stavan Manjari Parayan. Later as you must have read in Harsha ji’s post how Baba further gave her an indication to take up the responsibility with a neem leaf. Not only this the very next week I got a call from Harsha ji that two to three days back we spoke about the different kinds of Stavan Manjari parayan to be started from Ram Navami and that day one of the devotee had shared in Brahma Muhrat Khichadi Parayan group about how Baba came in her dreams and asked her to form a parayan group for Stavan Manjari for lifetime. The only difference was that we had discussed the 4 types which would be for one year only with some wish fulfilment determination (from this Ram Navami 2018 to Ram Navami 2019). The question was why it was to happen the very week when we thought of changing our thoughts into action? It all showed that Its all Baba Who is doing everything and His timings are just perfect.

Baba’s leelas are endless and can go on till ages. Coming to the different types of parayan, enrolment process and FAQ’s.

As it s said in Stavan Manjari that daily recitation is very beneficial and it can solve all your problems. If its not possible to read daily then atleast every Thursday and if not every Thursday then atleast every Ekadashi recitation can do all good when done with faith, love and surrender. So we will have 5 types of Stavan Manjari Parayan (SMP) and you can enrol in any one of them depending on the intensity of your problems.

Links for Joining WhatsApp Groups
(Link Opens Only In Mobile Version of the Blog)
Monday SMP
Thursday SMP
Ekadashi SMP
1 Year SMP
SMP Seva

1)Thursday Stavan Manjari Parayan: Here every Thursday you will have to read and report for one year.

2)Monday Stavan Manjari Parayan: Here every Monday you will have to read and report for one year. As Thursday is a busy day and for all its not possible to read on Thursday we will have Monday Stavan Manjari Parayan Group as also because Stavan Manjari was written on Monday.

3)Ekadashi Parayan: Here every Ekadashi ( twice a month) you will have to read and report for one year. A reminder for you about Ekadashi would be put up on the group.

4)365 days (1 year parayan): Here every day you will have to read and report for one year from Ram Navami 2018 to Ram Navami 2019

5)Lifetime (Lifeline) : Those who will vow to read it for their lifetime and consider it as their lifeline as its a One Solution To All Problems.

Don’t forget that no seva can be done alone. So if you wish to serve then do join seva group. All training would be provided.

IF You have any problem you can enrol for any one of the 5 parayans till next Ram Navami and definitely it will be solved and you will see the changes in one year or soon as so also mentioned in Stavan Manjari.

After one year if you wish you can continue with some other wish or may even quit if you want. What is wanting is that when your wish is fulfilled you should post your experience (may be anonymous if you do not want to reveal) so that your experiences will inspire new enrolments next year and thus help them to solve their problems as after all Stavan Manjari is one Solution to all your problems.


1)Where can I get Stavan Manjari?

Its easily available in Shirdi Sansthan. You can also download the pdf file in your language and take the printout. We also would share the pdf files with you.

2)When will it begin?

It will begin on 13th April Ram Navami and all those who enrol in any of the 5 types of parayan will also read on 13th April 2019 Ram Navami though it’s a Saturday.

3)Is it lifetime?

No its not except for those who choose it for lifetime. It’s one year and next year if you want you can continue with a new wish.

4) I do not have any wish. Can I still enrol?

Yes, if one does not have any desire then reading It, will give immense peace and bliss.

5) Can I hear the audio?

Yes but should be done attentively and reported in the group.

6)Can it be read anywhere?

The best part is that Stavan Manjari has no rules. It can be read anytime and any clean place with all love and faith. You need not compulsorily light diya etc

7)Can ladies read during menses?

Ans: Yes you can definitely read from mobiles or else hear the audio.

8)Can I have join more than one group?

Ans: One group would be enough.

9)How do I decide which group to join?

Depending upon your faith, convenience and intensity of your problem; you can choose. If greater is the problem and possible for you to read everyday then you can choose that. Else everything Baba knows and every reading with faith and love would reach Baba.

10) I do not understand the meaning then how do I read?

Don’t worry Baba will make us understand slowly and steadily. Telling this from my personal experience. I read from Hindi and English and now almost understand it whereas at first when i read from Hindi I understood nothing.

11) When do I have to read? Any fixed time slot?

No time slot. You can read it anytime and report in your group. It will be a self monitoring process, where the volunteers may or may not definitely call you if not read or heard. You would be reporting in the group to Baba.

12) Which Time Zone would be referred?

As its to be read on Monday or Thursday or Ekadashi each one will follow their respective time zone and not necessarily IST.

13)What is self monitoring?

Unlike Mahaparayan and other activities the volunteer would not be behind you everytime. You can read it anytime but make sure that you are reporting. Be your own monitors and let not be carried away by laziness, drowsiness etc.

14)What if I miss or forget to read on any one of my days?

The volunteers would take care to post the reminders, pdf files etc from two days before Ekadashi, Monday and Thursday. Also when people would keep reporting after their completion you too would be reminded automatically until you complete the reading. As you are taking one year sankalpa(determination) for your some wish fulfilment, you should ideally not miss your reading or hearing.
15)How can I enrol?

You all can again join the respective groups by clicking on below links. Also don’t forget to tell about this to your near and dear ones and thus be instrumental in changing their life.

16)What is seva group?
Ans: No seva can be done alone so please come forward as we need many helping hands. SMP seva is the easiest compared to AASM, Mahaparyan etc. Don’t worry Baba will provide you with all the necessary training; if you have the desire to serve Him. The sad part is very few people come forward to serve.

17)How can I join this?
Ans: You can join by clicking on below links for the respective options. Please consider the days as per your time zone and not necessarily as per IST. If the link is not working then you can mail us at [email protected] . Please note as we have less helping hands mails would be considered later as when we would be done with those who joined whatsapp. But don’t worry if Baba wishes you would be there for sure and you never know what special Baba has in store for you.

Links for Joining WhatsApp Groups
(Link Opens Only In Mobile Version of the Blog)
Monday SMP

Thursday SMP
Ekadashi SMP
1 Year SMP
SMP Seva



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  1. Excellent post dear Pooja Ji .I have no words except saying thank you Saimaa ,Pooja ji and Dr Harsha. Needless to say I have joined already the daily Stavanmanjiri group .Sai Bless us all.

  2. Om sai ram..baba ji so kind..I read yesterday's post about stavan manjari paryan and read stavan manjari .we are in many problems and wish to baba ji pls give me a single good news i will read stavan manjari for one week and baba ji fulfill my wish he gave me a good news at the end of the day although i forgot about my wish..i don't know that it is itself a big or small news but baba ji gave it so it is a big good news and in future surely it will beneficial for my sai ram

  3. Poojaji, I came to this blog because of a very serious problem today.Before opening this page, I told Baba, that "Baba, I am going to read this blog now, You HAVE to give me a solution to my problem , YOu have to show me a way"…I wanted to write here "I cannot believe that Baba actually showed me a way through Pooja ji and Harshaji"..but then I want to change it to "Where there is Baba, get used to getting answers to the problems..I HAVE to believe that miracles wil happen".
    Thank you Sai..Thanks you HEtal ji, Poosjaji..You both are Sai's favourite children for sure that you are getting His blessings to do so much of service for the human kind. Being so blessed, you both are helping people like me to ward aside our troubles and sharing ways to rise up in life.Thanks and may Sai's blessings be always with you. Om Sai Ram

  4. Sairam. Very happy to join in this group. I do stavana manjari parayana daily without knowing its importance. Now swamy hasmade me to realise nd will do with more… faith nd wholeheartedly from RAMA NAVAMI. Thank you soo much sairam

  5. I am happy to join in this group. I do stavana manjari parayana daily without knowing its importance. Now sai has made me to realise nd do
    With faith and concentration. Thank you very much. Sairam

  6. Puja ji… thank you very much for conducting the sthavanamanjari parayan. Already I experienced the magic of this. Just now I tried to join the group. But it was revoked. What to do now… please let me know

  7. Sairam…I would like to join SMP group and read S M on every ekadasi day. I have been thinking about it nearly every ekadasi but somehow because I can't understand the meaning…postponing it.
    Maybe it's time now to read it…whether I understand or not. Jai sairam

  8. Sairam. I would like to enroll myself for SM parayana on every ekadasi. I have been thinking about it since quite some time but postponing it due to lack of understanding. I wish to start now from Ugadi of 2021. Sairam.

  9. Sairam to Everyone.
    I want to do sewa in daily parayan of satvan manjari and also want to read daily stavan manjari in parayan group but I am unable to join link given.
    Please help me to join Daily Stavan Manjari Parayan group for sewa and as a devotee also.
    🙇OM SAI RAM🙇

  10. I am a devotee of baba it was my mother who saw me struggling in life gave me sai satcharitha and asked me to read i have done saptahas but my bhakti was not so deep and recently three years back i was asked to join global sai satsang and do not know from then on i was slowly dragged into spirituality unknowingly i should say and my devotion trust and faith for baba has become so strong recent experiences i had made me believe that we need a guru to guide us on the right path and my Guru is Shirdi Sai Om Sai ram

  11. Sai Ra….a humble request to the admin of the Sai Sthavana Manjari parayan group to please update the link where devotees like me want to join…thank you

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