Shirdi Sai Baba’s Indication For Stavan Manjarii Parayan To Sai Devotee Dr. Harsha

Stavan Manjiri was first introduced to me by Pooja Garg, my Bhabhi {my living Sai} on 24th May 2017. She asked me to read it on Ekadashi and also assured me that whatever I will wish before reading It, it shall be fulfilled.

Inspired by her faith and hearing the various leelas, my faith laid its foundation on her faith. Believing her words, I did the same as directed by her. Before reading I made a wish and then started reading. I myself was surprised that my wish was fulfilled the very next day. The best part was after reading Stavan Manjiri for the first time I felt immense peace inside me as I was very` disturbed and depressed at that time of my life. My all depression was self-created because of my self-negative thoughts. I could not make a difference between right and wrong.

But my Pooja bhabhi showed me the ray of light via Baba and everything changed, as though Baba had sent me His angel. She asked me to give her my just one year and assured me that everything would change. Now it is not even a year and there are drastic changes in my life, in myself and my thoughts. My perception of life has changed.

Coming back to Stavan Manjiri, after that I started reading Stavan Manjiri on every Ekadashi and also took up the seva and responsibility to post the pdf file of same on Sai Darbar whatsapp group formed by bhabhi. Being the class teacher of MP-6, MP-9 thought to post it there too on ekadashi along with Sai Darbaar group, so that people who are facing problems can read it and get a solution for the same. This in turn made me very happy and I took it as a responsibility to post it without fail.

Once while talking to bhabhi I said that it is my wish that the whole world should read Stavan Manjiri on Ekadashi. It had so happened that as Bhabhi has added me in all her whatsapp groups for Baba’s seva as a back-up option for her in worst of the cases, I felt like should I post in all the MP groups. Although understanding my intentions and as Mahaparayan had just started bhabhi felt that immediately asking the devotees to read Stavan Manjiri also might be burdensome to some of the devotees and so asked me to wait for some time.

Later I started reading Stavan Manjiri on every Thursday and also on ekadashi. From 5th Jan 2018 I started reading Stavan Manjiri daily. My husband was not feeling well past many days. Then I decided to read Stavan Manjiri daily for him. I said Baba You only keep him fit and fine. Rest I don’t want anything. I will read Stavan Manjiri daily for my entire life if this wish is fulfilled. It was not even a week I had started reading Stavan Manjiri daily, I could see the changes in my husband. I really felt blessed. I made it a point to read it daily with more Shraddha and Saburi.

Pooja bhabhi called me on 6th Jan 2018 and said that the time has come to fulfil your dream of everyone in the world reading stavan manjiri and asked me to write an article on Stavan Manjiri reading, as how I got inspired to read it. She said it was now time to work upon my wish and make my dream come true. She explained me the whole concept about how we would be going about Stavan Manjiri Parayan and asked me to lead this Baba’s project or seva as it was my wish. Not very sure about it whether I would be able to do it or not, I asked bhabhi to give me some time to think over it as also I am not a good writer and can’t express my thoughts so well. However she said had more trust on me taking up the seva and faith that it was all Baba inspiring and He would soon guide everything.

Later I kept thinking about this and asked Baba to give me some indication if I should take up such a big responsibility and if got then I can start writing something about how I was inspired to read it.

On 9th Jan 2018 in the afternoon I told Baba please give me some indication so that I understand that I understand there is a yes from Baba’s side also. At 4.00 p.m I went in the balcony to collect the clothes which had dried, I saw a neem leaf on my towel. I was stunned to see the neem leaf as there is no neem tree in my surrounding and not even in my society, this I can say as I once wanted neem leaves for some home remedy and I had made a deligent search everywhere but was in vain. Also the leaf was not a dry one but fleshy and green due to the water content and hence not easy to be carried away by the wind. It was a true indication from Baba Who was motivating me to go ahead with the service and to write for it. He used Pooja bhabhi as His instrument for this. I was overwhelmed. I called up bhabhi and narrated the whole incident to her. She said she knew it would be a yes from me and had already conveyed about me and upcoming Stavan Manjari Parayan to Hetal Di. She was very happy and asked me to move ahead believing in myself and Baba leaving aside all my fears and doubts.

I wish everyone reads Stavan Manjiri daily. If not possible dalily, then one must read atleast on Thursdays and ekadashi.

I did one week parayan of Stavan Manjiri for someone who was in lot of trouble. I asked Baba please show them a way out of their problem. I will read Stavan Manjiri twice daily for a week as I have already committed to read for my husband daily and now for them (so 2 times). Again Baba showed a miracle. He showed them the path to get out their problem in that week itself. Jai Sairam! Shri Swami Samarth, Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Believe me it has changed my life and I am sure as Baba is fulfilling my wishes He will also fulfil yours.



Blessed By Sai,
-Dr. Harsha Gupta

 P.S Stay tuned for next upcoming post for knowing more about Stavan Manjari and its enrolment process.

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Pooja Garg
Pooja Garg
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  1. Dear poojaji and harshaji, yesterday morning I was thinking about stavan manjari worldwide recitation which is going to be held on ganesh chaturthi 13th September in all sai temple and I am so excited about it as I love stavan manjari tooooo much. Sorry baba this is not proud but just to show my love for the holy poem for my baba is that I don't need book, it's by heart.. sorry baba it's really not proud but my love for you. And after some time I saw poojaji's post about vishnu sahastranaam and stavan manjari .. baba knows everything. He is a greatest magician. Love you maa..

  2. What a divine experience Dr Harsha.I have been part of all your groups including recent Vishnusahastranaam.I have been inspired so much by the powerful experiences of Pooja Ji right since I joined Mahaparayan group. My association with Satavan Manjiri started 55 years back.My Mamaji was an ardent devotee of Sai Maa and he used to recite Stavan Manjiri everyday in his beautiful voice.As a child of 7 yrs I used to sit near him and listen .Then I went for Medical profession and got married ,went abroad. Coulld meet Mamaji only once on a while.Then 5 years back I started enquiring about Stavan Manjiri book in Saibaba Mandir at Nagpur.But couldnt get any. I was almost possessed with the idea of getting one copy at least .So anybody going to Shirdi I used to tell them to buy one for me.I prayed to Baba that please give me one copy from somewhere.My prayers were answerd very soon and a boy (Anup)who is engaged in Seva at our Sai Temple..gave me Stavanmanjiri one Thursday when I went for evening arati.I thanked him and Baba profusely and started reading it immediately from the same day.So obviously when it was announced that by you and Pooja Ji about the Stavanmanjiri my joy knew no bounds.Needless to say I very much am going to be a part of it.Thank you my Saibaba ,Pooja ji and Dr Harsha.Om Sai Ram _/|_

  3. It's really amazing…I am totally not a gud writer, can't express so clear feeling of mine…Bt still want to share .
    When I used to read Sai satcharitra, where mention the book name stavanmanjiri n find a lot in play store, as more use to read holy books on mobile coz where ever I can read, no need to carry books, but didn't find…And today when I saw that Pooja Ji now going to start stavanmanjiri prayan, I am feeling so happy ki now baba Ji gave me chance to read . Same way for Vishnu sahastranaamvali. I was keen interested to read on past eclipse day bt was nt able to read…And see now it's also start.
    I know only one thing that if u have gud thought whatever it is , just baba Ji fulfilled….Thank u n love u alot baba Ji 🙏🙏

  4. Please add me to the group of stavanmanjiri.. and also help me with the PDF of the same. I believe in baba completely and have experienced miracles in my life.. baba made me read this post there might be a masterplan

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