Vishnu Sahastranamavali Parayan Of Shraddha And Saburi

We all know that Shama was one of the most intimate devotee of Baba. In Sai Satcharitra we had seen an instance where Baba had forced reading of Vishnu Sahastranamavali on Shama. Why? So that he can benefit from it as its tremendous power can purify our mind and also save us from miseries of the world. Baba also had mentioned that the Vishnu Sahastranamavali book is very valuable and efficacious. Once when Baba suffered intensely and His heart began palpilating at that critical time Baba hugged that book and Baba got relief which saved His life when it was in danger. So after Mahaparayan, Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap Baba is inspiring two more sevas Vishnu Sahastranamavali Parayan and Stavan Manjari Parayan(stay tuned for tomorrow’s post).

Vishnu Sahastranamavali Parayan is not be confused with AASM. They both are different. You can say it is one step advance to AASM as it will teach us to chant God’s name everyday rather than only 20 minutes once in a week. For 6 days in a week every day you will need to devote 4 minutes maximum and last day (the day you choose ) you will need to devote 20 minutes. Here we will be doing it in group just as we do for Sai Satcharitra Group parayan. The following table will make it clear. It may sound difficult but trust me once you get used to it after 2 weeks you will find it very simple.

Structure And Execution:

We will have only 756 seats in all for this.

For 7 days following table shows the allotment and distribution of 1000 names Of Vishu for respective days.

  •  All reference of days with respect to IST. 
  • We will begin on Ram Navami 25th March and that day all groups would read completely and after that from 26th March IST as per allocation as per above table. 
  • In Red Colour where days are written fully instead of short forms denote the day of selection
  • In Blue Colour (short forms as mon, tue etc) is the distribution throughout the week.
  •  Eg. If my day of selection is Monday( then see now weekly distribution row) then on Mon I will chant all 1000 names which will take around 20 minutes. On Tue I will chant the names from 1 to 200, On Wed 201 to 400, On Thurs 401 to 600, On Fri 601 to 800, On Sat 801 to 900 and on Sun 901 to 1000. So in one week I will be completing reading the 1000 names only two times but will everyday contribute to offering one mala of 108 beads (where each bead is stringed only after chanting 1000 names) to our Sai with combined efforts. (will explain below how) 
  • Let us take one more eg. If my day of selection is Saturday (Red colour). Then (please refer the horizontal row ) on Mon I will have to chant 201 to 400, On Tue 401 to 600, On Wed 601 to 800, On Thu 801 to 900, On Fri 901 to 1000 and on Saturday all 1000 names. 
  •  So your day of selection should be the day when you would like to chant all 1000 names and rest of the days you have to chant 200 names or 100 as per the distribution.
  • For each day we will have 108 seats.
  • The structure is so designed that you cannot miss your chanting as it is interconnected with rest of the members of other days too. Eg. if today is Sunday (18th March), Then all Sunday people will no doubt chant all 1000 names today. So all 108 members of Sunday group will offer 1 separate garland to Baba of 108 beads on 18th March where also each bead consists of 1000 names. Likewise on Sunday that is 18thMarch Monday people would be chanting 901 to 1000 then Tuesday people would be chanting 801 to 900 (on Sunday 18th March), Wednesday people 601 to 800, Thursday people 401 to 600, Friday people 201 to 400, Saturday people 1 to 200…So if we observe carefully on 18th March that is Sunday, the members of the remaining 6 days will complete the reading of 1000 names in combined distributed manner. So as there are 108 members in each day; each member will therefore owe contribution to offering 1 mala of 108 beads by just reading 200 names. So don’t miss out reading and reporting else it will hamper the efforts of all 756 people. This was just an eg and it will start from Ram Navami 25th March and it has nothing to do with AASM.
  •  So when you are part of this seva you are somewhere coming forward to offer 2 malas of Vishnu Sahastranamavali to our Baba everyday and all know how dear It is to Baba and 4 minutes everyday is not much. In addition to this you would not only be offering only on your behalf but also helping other 107 members to do the same. You might be reading everyday fully but there are people who can’t read fully everyday, so somewhere you would also be helping them to do it.

Nav Vidha Bhakti:
There would be 7 groups for 7 days so choose your day where you would like to chant fully. It will be an everyday activity but reading it fully 2 times only in whole week. There would be no subgroups of whatsapp. In each group there will be 108 members only. For easy tracking they would be divided in 9 groups of 12 members each. So they would be monitored by 9 captains of 9 groups named (1) Shravana (Hearing); (2) Kirtana (Praying); (3) Smarana (Remembering); (4) Padasevana (resorting to the feet); (5) Archana (Worship); (6) Namaskara (Bowing); (7) Dasya (Service); (8) Sakhyatva (Friendship); (9) Atmanivedana (surrender of the self).

Mastering Vishnu Sahastranamavali: When when Baba had given Vishu Sahastranamavali to Shama; Shama had resisted reading Vishnu Sahastranamavali (ch 27) saying that he did not understand nor knew Sanskrit that well. Then Baba had said Shama to read little by little atleast one name daily and it will do him all good. So with inspiration from this we will also have one volunteer for this who would put up one name daily with its meaning in English and hindi. So slowly and steadily we all will soon master it just as Shama could for he was able to explain It to Prof G.G Narke, M.A of college of engineering, Poona and son-in-law of Shriman Booty.

There are also few small small leelas about how Baba Himself inspired me to take up this Vishnu Sahatranamavali Parayan. But as time is less and so much more to be done will share them as and how Baba would. If you have not understood anything, with time you will understand everything. All you need to understand is that you need to devote 4 minutes to read the allocated 200 names and once in a week fully on the day of your selection. Don’t worry all doubts would be cleared soon by your captain if you are finding it confusing.

So reciting Vishnu Sahastranamavali or hearing it attentively has tremendous benefits. It will do you as well as others all good because of you coming forward. This way we would all be serving each other. It was also very dear to Baba that He had forced It also on His intimate devotee Shama. So won’t you like to offer two malas of Vishnu Sahastranamavali to Baba everyday by giving just your 4 minutes. It would require commitment and offering two paise dakshina of Shraddha and Saburi to Baba.

All You need is

 1 Love, Faith, patience and Commitment.
2)Reading completely and reporting on the day of your selection
3)Devoting your 4 minutes on rest of the days for reading and reporting as per distributed allocation.
4)Understanding the one name that would be shared with its meaning inn hindi and english.
5)Vishnu Sahstranamavali Book. Pdf will be shared with you all.

So think not keep aside all doubts and be a part of Vishnu Sahastranamavali Parayan Of Shraddha And Saburi and try being Shama of our dear Baba.

Few FAQ’s

1)What is Vishnu Sahatranamavali?
Ans: It is 1000 names of Vishnu and reading it has tremendous benefits and will do you all good.

2)Is it different from Vishnu Sahastranaman Stotram?
Ans. Yes as Vishnu Sahastranaman is in shloka or Stotram form and Vishnu Sahatranamavali is 1000 names. Its more or less same but we will refer Vishnu Sahatranamavali.

3)Can I recite Vishnu Sahastranaman Stotram?
Ans. Yes you can but only on the day of your selection. Rest of the days you have to read the allotted 200 names and nderstand the meaning of one name daily.

4) Can I hear the audio?
Ans: Yes but if done attentively.

5)Has it any connection with AASM? Does it need to be done on fixed slot?
Ans: No connection with AASM. no fixed time but you can read it anytime and report before the day gets over or as per volunteer’s convinience by 7pm IST just like Mahaparayan.

6)By when I have to complete reading it?
Ans: As we have participants all over the world we will refer IST to avoid confusions. You can read it anytime, even in parts but see to it that you complete your allocation and report for the same. You have to read it by 7pm IST everyday.

7)If unable to do then can it be volunteered?
Ans: Yes if you are unable to read it then you will have to get it volunteered on your personal level or else efforts of all 756 members will go in vain.

8)Any rituals needed?
Ans. Nothing is compulsory. You don’t need any articles of worship or sitting in temple and you can read it in any clean place. As far as you are reading it with love and faith its enough. Rest of the things are secondary.

9)How long it will be?
Ans: It is for lifetime but after one year you will get a chance to decide whether you want to continue or quit.

10)Can ladies read during periods?
Ans: They can read from mobile or laptops or can even hear the audio.

11)When would this begin? 
Ans: It will start from Ram Navami 25th March 2018

12)How can I join this?
Ans: You can join by clicking on below links for the respective days with reference to IST. If the link is not working then you can mail us at


Links for Joining WhatsApp Groups
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