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Good News - Shri Saibaba Sansthan Launches Mobile App

Latest News: Shri Saibaba Sansthan Launches Mobile App for Android and iOS users
Off late, Shri Saibaba Sansthan has launched it new app and this is definitely a boon for devotees of Lord Sai Baba. Though its seems that Sansthan has entered this domain late but i think the wait is worth. As soon as i came to know about the app is quickly downloaded it and started my research on it. Sharing my reviews and opinions with screenshotS of the app on Android and iOS platforms. [line]


  • Android: 9.6 MB
  • iOS: 53.5 MB


  • Android: Android 4.3 and up
  • iOS: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


  • Android: Social
  • iOS: Social Networking



  • Android: 4.9/5
  • iOS: 4+

Current Version

  • Android: 1.0.4
  • iOS: 1.0.3

Home Screen

Android iOS
Well this has been beautifully designed keeping simplicity in mind.

Navigation Screen

Ideally both versions have same navigation screen
Android iOS

Live Darshan

As the name suggests this tab will redirect to live streaming direct from Samadhi Mandir, Shirdi. This is the best feature of the app as only official app by Sansthan can give this add-on of live darshan directly from mobile. Though there were few such apps in google play (havent researched all) but they were not so flawless like this one. Now its easy to attend arti directly from mobile from anywhere. You can keep alarm on your phone and start app at arti timings.


One can give online donation, on tapping this tab, it will redirect to online.sai.org.in in your phone's browser.
Android iOS

Online Services

Android iOS
This tab includes the following [line] Accommodation Booking:
Android iOS
It will redirect to various lodging facilities provided by Sansthan and also rules of the same. However to book any accommodation of your choice, you will be again redirected to online.sai.org.in in your phone's browser. All details pertaining to rates of General, AC and Non-AC rooms are provided here in this tab for transparency. [line] Donation:
Android iOS
It will redirect to online.sai.org.in in your phone's browser. [line] Darshan:
Android iOS
It will redirect to online.sai.org.in in your phone's browser. [line] Saileela Magazine Subscription:
Android iOS
It will redirect to online.sai.org.in in your phone's browser. [line] Publications:
Android iOS
It will redirect to online.sai.org.in in your phone's browser. [line] Membership:
Android iOS
It will redirect to online.sai.org.in in your phone's browser. [line] Palkhi Registration:
Android iOS
It will redirect to another tab where you will have to either sign up or sign in to continue. You will be redirected to the main screen of the app after this step and again have to tap on Online Services --> Palkhi Registration --> Add Palkhi --> Fill in required details if you wish to take Palkhi to Shirdi. [line] Devotee Feedback:
Android iOS
After successful registration, under this tab you will be required to fill up a survey form.


Android iOS
This tab has three sub headings: [line] Sai Satcharitra: Sai Satcharitra in all languages that are published by Sanshtan are uploaded here. However to read it you will to download it first and you will also have to install any PDF document reader app as the downloaded text will open as PDF document after downloading.
v iOS
List of Languages:
- Punjabi
- Sai Samarth Charitra
- Marathi
- Telugu
- Tamil
- Oriya
- Malayalam
- Kannada
- Hindi
- English
- Bengali
- Gujarati [line] Aarti: All aartis are listed in this tab for download. An inbuilt media player will play arti as well.
Android iOS
List of Aartis:
- Bhupali Aarti
- Kakad Aarti
- Madhyan Aarti
- Dhup Aarti
- Shej Aarti [line] Sai Leela: This an interesting and useful tab where ALL Sai Leela Magazines are uploaded right from 1923 till 2017. However you will need PDF reader app to access downloaded files in the Sansthan App itself. Kindly excuse me for not sharing screenshots as somehow they were not working in my phone.
Android iOS


Android iOS
Another interesting tab where you can find various media resources related to Lord Sai Baba which are part of Samadhi Mandir Premises daily schedules [line] Audio:
Android iOS
- 108 Namavali
- Akra Wachan
- Ghoshna
- Sainath Stavan Manjari
- Vishun Sahasranama
- Guru Pathache Abhang (3 parts)
- Jap (this further consists of Jap1, Hariom, Joduniya, Lopaley, Sada Satswarupam, Sai Digambara and Aaliprasad)
- Meditation (this further consists of Jai Jai Ram, Om Sai, Omkar Sadhana, Om Sai 2, Lendi PUshpalu, Sai Om Sai) [line] Video:
Android iOS
Various videos as released by Sansthan from time to time are present here. [line] Photo Gallery:
Android iOS
Pictures of various festivals of Shirdi as listed in this tab from the year 2009. There are sub tabs like Ramnavami, GuruPurnima and Punyatithi. However this bifurcation is wide, few other pictures of important events are also covered in this tab which you can explore yourself. The best part of this tab is all pictures open inside the tab only and no external app is required. But you cannot download pictures, they are uploaded only for viewing purpose. [line] Downloads:
Android iOS
In this tab daily pictures of Samadhi Mandir are uploaded from April 23, 2018 and you can save them in your device. After downloading you can locate image in your device's gallery. [line] News:
Android iOS
Latest information about Shirdi and events from December 4, 2017 carried on therein are uploaded here in Hindi. Only drawback is no other language is supported here. [line] Centenary Events:
Android iOS
This tab provides information and schedule about Centenary events from May to October 2018.
[line] Press Media:
Android iOS
Details of various dignitaries or celebrities visiting Shirdi are uploaded here in Hindi. Only drawback is no other language is supported. [line] Invitation:
Android iOS
Invitations for major festivals like Ramnavami, Gurupurnima and Punyatithi are uploaded here from the year 2010. Everything opens here in app only so it is very easy to navigate and get information.

Other Services

Android iOS
This tab provides detailed information about Sansthan, Shirdi Tourism, Tender/Quotations, RTI. It also provides a contact us wherein email id's of various dignitaries of the Sansthan are provided department wise along with postal address, phone numbers, common email id and website links. You can change your password, log out and view your profile from this tab itself. You can also refer to detailed terms and conditions.

News & Festivals on Home Screen

Latest news and about festival is given in this tab.
Android iOS

Download Shri Saibaba Sansthan App

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store Badge [line]Disclaimer: The views and opinions are mine and can be different from user's experience in actual.

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