When Calamity Befalls, Lord Sai Baba Runs To Save

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We have already translated an incident of Mrs. Chandrabai Borkar and here is the link. In today’s post here is another incident where Lord Sai Baba runs to save Borkar couple from dangerous calamity.

As hinted in last post, sharing one translated story from Book Sai Sarovar.

Mr. Borkar, one of the prominent devotees of Lord Sai Baba was working in railway department in the year 1912. He was transferred to a remote village named Aslaali which was located in between Nashik and Manmad. A railway quarter was provided to Mr. Borkar to reside.

One day when Mr. Borkar returned from work, he was down with high fever and his eyes were red. He hopped on to bed immediately on reaching home and covered himself with few blankets that produced no effect on him. He was shivering and trembling. The village was very small, so an immediate medical aid was a far off question. Mrs. Borkar used some home remedies on her husband and thus he was soon drowsing comfortably. This satisfied Mrs. Borkar and she also dozed off while she was seated besides him and attending him. She laid down near the feet of her husband and she too soon slept off. At around 3 AM, Lord Baba appeared in her dream and said, “Lady! Don’t be afraid in the least. Apply Udi, your husband would be fine, but beware, don’t allow him to step out of house till 11 AM. “

No sooner than she saw the dream, Chandrabai woke up, applied Udi all over the body of Mr. Borkar and soon he was perspiring. Till dawn he was completely out of illness with Lord Baba’s grace.

Free Wallpaper for Download, E-Books, Books, Sai Baba Shirdi Stories, History | www.shirdisaibabastories.org

She cautioned him not to leave house for whole day as he needed rest. But Mr. Borkar paid least heed to her words and left for work after having breakfast.

Railway track was visible from the room where this couple stayed. She was on the door looking back of her husband who was heading towards track to reach his work place. Chandrabai was shivering and prayed in heart to Lord Baba to save His ignorant child (her husband – Mr. Borkar).

Free Wallpaper for Download, E-Books, Books, Sai Baba Shirdi Stories, History | www.shirdisaibabastories.org

While Mr. Borkar was going ahead, another officer coming to him and both started talking in the middle of the track! On this Chandrabai quaked.

In sometime a train from Manmad came and it wasn’t noticed by Mr. Borkar at all. The train hit him hard and he was thrown on the other track. He fell down senseless there and the train proceeded forward. A bone of his leg was broken.

Chandrabai had seen this whole episode by her bare eyes and it was enough for her to seek Lord Baba’s timely help. She screamed, “Oh Baba” and she too fell down senseless at her doorstep itself. Neighbours came running to Chandrabai and sparged sprinkled (any other word?) some water on her face. She regained consciousness while her husband was brought on a stretcher by the coolies on the station.

As said earlier any immediate medical aid was next to impossible in the village, Chandrabai started her home remedies. She grounded some home based ingredients and also added Udi to it to arrive at a fine past which was then placed on Mr. Borkar’s wounded spot on the leg. The wound was then covered with cotton and bandaged. After sometime when Mr. Borkar regained his senses, he said, “Is there any Fakir hiding in our house?” Chandrabai said, “Do you see that Fakir? He is my dear Sai, Who else other than Him would be with us in this crisis?”

Next day a doctor from Manmad came. On examination he asked to remove the bandage and set a plaster on Mr. Borkar’s fractured leg. But this caused a lot of pain to him which was increasing continuously. It was eleven past at night. Chandrabai was tired with whole day’s toil and soon fell asleep. Lord Baba again appeared in her dream. Seeing Him she woke up from sleep and sat straight. She rolled herself in His Holy Feet.

Free Wallpaper for Download, E-Books, Books, Sai Baba Shirdi Stories, History | www.shirdisaibabastories.org

Lord Baba spoke in a mild tone, “Do you wish to cut leg? Do you think in this way, my child? Now listen, remove doctor’s plaster. Make dough of wheat flour, add some coconut and Udi in it. Apply this paste, the leg will be healed”.

Chandrabai did as per Lord Baba’s instructions due to which Mr. Borkar was soon on his legs. Knowing this many medical practitioners were astonished.

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