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In the last post, we came to know about the Yogic powers of RadhaKrishna Maai and the encounters of Vamanrao Patel during his stay for eleven months with her.

Once Sai Baba said to Vamanrao, “You should take care of RadhaKrishna Maai’s cottage, the way you take care of Dwarkamai.” Vamanrao had already surrendered himself to Baba. Baba’s words were his command. From that day onwards, he vigilantly took care of RadhaKrishna Maai. He even gave her body massage. He considered himself as a humble servant of another humble servant of Baba! RadhaKrishna Maai was a “Yogini” and serving her was his greatest dharma.

RadhaKrishna Maai would often tease Vamanrao when he gave her a massage by making her body stiff. Vamanrao used to get exhausted, massaging the body. She would then ask him to walk on her back while she remained unperturbed. He would pray to her in his heart, “Maai, I am exhausted; please show some mercy!” Miraculously, her body would loosen up instantly, as if she had heard his silent request.

No one had seen RadhaKrishna Maai anywhere near Baba, whether it be going to Dwarkamai for darshan of Baba, or on His rounds back and forth to Lendibaug. She always saw Him from behind the curtain. Vamanrao noticed this twice during his stay with her. Maai could walk on fire, read people’s minds, and disappear suddenly when around others. All these Siddhi were her actual ornaments.

Her daily routine comprised cooking breakfast for Baba. One day she said this to Vamanrao, “Vamanya, I am not feeling well today, you cook breakfast and take it for Baba”, saying so, she went away. He adhered to her order – cooked breakfast, served it to Baba in Dwarkmai opposite the cottage, and sat waiting for her to return. When she did not return till afternoon, Vamanrao lost patience and searched for her in the village. It was late at night when she returned to the cottage. Vamanrao thus decided not to allow RadhaKrishna Maai to go anywhere. The next day, the same thing got repeated, RadhaKrishna Maai put the responsibility of cooking breakfast and went away. Restless Vamanrao followed the very moment and tried to stop her. RadhaKrishna Maai walked ahead, Vamanrao followed her. When both reached Balabhau’s hotel, she disappeared. From this incident, Vamanrao concluded that RadhaKrishna Maai has Yogic powers.

In another incident, in the 1916 year’s monsoon, he got trench feet and was in pain because of continuous water exposure. RadhaKrishna Maai cured the discomfort by touching his feet with her toe.

The Ramnavami of the year 1914 was on a Thursday. It was an auspicious day for worshipping Baba, Vamanrao wished to gift something precious to Him. But he had no money to buy anything valuable, and he opened his heart to RadhaKrishna Maai. She replied, “You gift a lighted lamp to Baba, and keep it at His Lotus Feet. He loves lamps. If you do that, He will surely light up your life like a lamp. You do not worry about money; the Lord will take care of everything.” She referred to Vamanrao’s wish to trader Narvekar of Mumbai, “Vamanrao wishes to gift a valuable lamp to Baba, and he is short of money as of now, but I want to fulfill his wish. He can repay the amount in a year in monthly installments of Rs. 25.” Nervekar agreed and got a lamp prepared for Rs. 125 for Vamanrao.

On March 25, 1914, lakhs of devotees gathered in Shirdi for the Ramnavami festival. Vamanrao noticed the devotees offering their gifts to Baba before Noon aarti. He got excited and asked RadhaKrishna Maai to accompany him to Dwarkamai and present the lamp. It was a fact that RadhaKrishna Maai never went to Dwarkamai for the darshan of Baba. She asked him to light the lamp and said she would follow him. He poured ghee into the lamp and placed a wick soaked in ghee inside it. He then placed the lamp on a small plate and headed towards Dwarkamai. When he stepped onto Dwarkamai, a soft hand touched his shoulder. He turned back and saw RadhaKrishna Maai backing him, saying, “Go Vamanya, go ahead and present this beautiful lamp to Baba”. RadhaKrishna Maai had taken the vrat not to see Baba’s Divine face; still, she was present in Dwarkamai. That was her invisible avtaar, and she was visible only to Vamanrao and Baba (of course!). He was fortunate to have darshan of the invisible form of RadhaKrishna Maai. Witnessing such a connection between His devotees, Baba smiled secretly.

RadhaKrishna Maai came to Shirdi when she was twenty-five. Villagers of Shirdi looked at her as an incarnation of Meerabai, seeing her devotion towards Radha-Krishna. Even Gods Who would envy the fortune of the land of Shirdi who got the kiss of Baba’s Lotus Feet. She lived on the same land for a decade and dedicated herself to devotion and strength. This way she became Radha to Baba. On October 25, 1917, Dusshera day, she left the mortal coil in Kopargaon. Before the news reach Baba, He removed His Kafni and offered to Dhuni in rage. He warned His devotees saying, “You all see My form now, you won’t be able to see This Form again”. Thus Baba favored RadhaKrishna Maai in her last moments and gave her Sadgati (salvation).

Vinny Maa has shared a very interesting video about RadhaKrishna Maai’s life, which is shared below. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family and also subscribe to the youtube channels (links provided at the end of the post)

Source: Translated from Sai Sarovar

With this, we come to the end of the series “RadhaKrishna Maai”. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed translating it. We will be starting with another series about some known or unknown devotee of Sai Baba who lived with Him in Shirdi by next week. Keep visiting our blog for the latest updates. I would like to extend heartful my thanks to Ashwini for editing the translated posts and Ramachandranan for translating the series for our Hindi Blog.

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  1. Hi, why this stories are not mentioned in satcharitra?
    I was confused, is the satcharitra we are reading now is original one or another translation of work?

    • Jai Sai

      Sai Satcharitra is written by Shri. Hemadpant who used to make notes of incidents on his visit to Shirdi on and off and collected memos of incidents from local devotees as well. However Baba lived in Shirdi for a long period of 60 years and there were many incidents that were left unrecorded even by prominent and educated devotees. The illiterate and innocent devotees of Shirdi could only narrate such incidents. Also selected incidents are only published in Sai Satcharitra. So all the incidents in Sai Satcharitra and the translated ones are true.

  2. Om SaiRam 🙏🙏.Thank you for posting the life of Radhakrishnamai. Blessed to read about these devotees.Longing to read more about others. Om SaiRam 🙏🙏🙏

    • Jai Sai,

      We are coming up with new stories about devotees of Sai Baba every week, keep visiting our blog to check our latest posts.

  3. Baba is Ram Avathar in Kaliyug. Blessed to read his miracles and Radhakrishnamais stories.Omsairam.🙏

  4. Wonderful true stories of Radhakrishnamai. Truly I used to wait for every post. Hereafter will be waiting for more untold stories. Our dear sai is fathomless so jewels keep oozing out like this. Om shri sai ram 🙏🙏

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