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In the last post, we came across the devotee Vamanrao Patel, a solicitor from Mumbai, who lived with RadhaKrishna Maai. He lived in her cottage for 11 months and was the first to witness the Yogic powers of Maai. Today’s post covers a description of her powers.

RadhaKrishna Maai used to layer the walls of Dwarakamai with cow dung and kept it decorated all the time. Baba was indifferent to various gifts that devotees offered to Him and never cared to keep them safe. She safeguarded these offerings. She kept the lamps, bell, Pooja plate, and other items required for Baba’s daily worship handy. Though the celebration of Ramnavami festival started in Shirdi a decade before she came to Shirdi, she made significant reforms like celebrating the festival for nine days (starting from the first day of Chaitra month as per Hindu calendar till ninth day), decorating cradle for Lord Ram’s birth, doing bhajans, etc. in the year 1912.

No Share In Services

There were many services where RadhaKrishna Maai used to take help of devotees. Yet there were few tasks which she performed alone. In fact, she tolerated no interference. There were two earthen pots in the Dwarkamai which she refilled every day, and strictly no help was welcomed. If anyone volunteered, they faced a big NO. No one noticed when and how the pots were filled and who did the job. Devotees of Baba used that water as Holy water. Few filled a glass of the water and took to their houses to get rid of poverty. There was a well behind Dixit Wada (which still exists), and devotees believed that she used to refill water in those earthen pots in an invisible form from that well. In 1916, when Vamanrao Patel lived in the cottage of RadhaKrishna Maai, he once woke up at 3 am and did not find her around. Perturbed, he started looking for her outside, and saw her refilling the water from the well behind Dixit Wada. Seeing this, he rushed to her and offered help saying, “Let me help you, please”. To this, she replied, “You finish your sleep, I do not need any help”.

Path Cleaned Or Not Cleaned

Once in the early morning, Vamanrao saw RadhaKrishna Maai sweeping the road. She felt no hesitation, disgust or laziness in picking up droppings of dogs, cats, domestic animals, pebbles, etc. He thought – “my Baba’s Lotus Feet will touch this land, and the ground should become soft for the touch. So the person cleaning the land will be very fortunate, so I should also contribute to such divine tasks.” The next day, he woke up early without intimating her and started cleaning the path with a broom. RadhaKrishna Maai did not like if anyone interfered or did any of her tasks without knowledge or permission. So Vamanrao’s interference was not acceptable to her. He kept the pebbles aside and cleaned the path, and when he looked behind after cleaning a distance, the stones and mud were still there. He got tired of cleaning again and again, but to no effect. He failed to know whose act was it.

Later, after a few days, when Kakasaheb Dixit, Bapusaheb Buti, Dr. Pillay were dinning with RadhaKrishna Maai in her cottage, Tatya Patil, was describing his experience as, “One day I had some conflict with RadhaKrishna Maai and she was furious with me. She vented out her anger very strangely. I went to the farm after the incident and got busy with work when suddenly pebbles came flying and started hurting on my ankles. I was badly hurt, but I could not trace who was throwing those pebbles! Later I was convinced that this deed was of magical RadhaKrishna Maai!!!” This hinted Vamanrao that it was RadhaKrishna Maai’s yogic action that the path was not cleaned because he did not take her permission to do that task, and it was unacceptable to her by default.

RadhaKrishna Maai’s Encounter

Sai Sarovar MahaParayan, Annadan Seva, Naam Jaap, Free Wallpaper for Download, E-Books, Books, Sai Baba Shirdi Stories, History |

Night dawn and the sky was lighted up with stars. Shej Arti at Chavadi finished, when Kakasaheb’s eight year old son and Balasaheb Bhate’s ten year old son started singing as

Sun Sun Be Haiya… Be Haiya

Chhadidar Main Paaya… SaiNath Ki Chhadi Ae Tin Lok Me Badi…

SaiNath Ka Ghoda, Ae Tin Lok Me Bada…

Trigun Shikhar Pe Jaana… Waha Sai Naam Japna…

Allbla Sarkaa…r… Aaram Karo Sarkaa…r…

All the elders joined the kids and concluded the song with “Shri Sachchidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai”. Everyone present bid farewell by bowing down to the ground and left to their respective homes. Shirdi was engrossed in pin-drop silence; however, foxes simpering in the woods were heard, and the bark of the dogs were heard distinctly. While the day had retired, RadhaKrishna Maai was restless to have Darshan of God. Her heart was pounding because of the craving in her. Her fingers of one hand were playing on Ektara while the other handheld the nine-inch idol of RadhaKrishna. She was shedding golden words from her throat while it soaked her heart in complete devotion equivalent to meditation.

Pyaare Darshan Dijo, Tum Bin Rahu Na Jaay…
Jal Bin Kamal, Chandra Bin Rajni, Aise Tum Dekhyo Bin Rajni…
Vyakul Vyakul Firu Raat Din, Birah Kaleja Khaay!
Divas Na Bhukh, Nind Nahi Raina, Mukh Yu Kahat Na Jaavai Baina!
Kyu Tarsaao Antaryaami, Aap Milo Kirapa Kar Swami
Meera Daasi Janam Janam Ki, Puri Tumhare Paay…

The bhajan got over, but RadhaKrishna Maai’s fingers were glued to the Ektara. Her eyes started shedding tears profusely, so much so they flowed from her cheeks and wet her saree. When Lord is summoned with such deep emotions, He can’t deny giving darshan to His devotee, and this happened as “the cottage of RadhaKrishna Maai started swaying, the idol of RadhaKrishna came to life, and it filled the cottage with Divine Light”. The idol turned red gradually, and it took the avatar of live embers in no time. The light-emitting from RadhaKrishna Maai’s cottage lighted up the darkness of the midnight. A strong ember of fire erupted up from the idol, increasing the cottage’s temperature, so much so that Vamanrao could not bear and he ran out! Everything was back to normal in no time, and he found RadhaKrishna Maai unconscious on the ground.

Sai Sarovar MahaParayan, Annadan Seva, Naam Jaap, Free Wallpaper for Download, E-Books, Books, Sai Baba Shirdi Stories, History |

Dear Readers, by now hope you have recognised Vamanrao Patel is none other than Swami Sai Sharanand. Sai Baba instructed him to stay in the cottage of RadhaKrishna Maai, where he was put to severe tests. He never thought of going back and always abided on the decision of Baba. Readers, Baba lays tests for us too, for He loves us the most, but we humans often hold Him responsible for all the bad happenings. We fail to recognise such situations as tests, which will only create excellent opportunities for us. Let us try to practice such patience and stability within us to reach Baba and merge with Him forever.

Bath To Vamanrao Patel

Coming back to the stories of the post, one-day RadhaKrishna Maai exclaimed, “Vamanya, look at your head, there is so much of dandruff. Do not go anywhere to have a bath today, I will bathe you with boiled water with Aritha mixed in it. I will oil your hairs and comb them as well, mind you”. Saying so, she quickly kept the water for boiling, adding Aritha to it and asked him to be ready. She washed his hairs and face, put a few glasses of water on his body and then said, “You continue bathing yourself now, I will quickly wash your Kafni”. He replied in haste, “No no Maai please do not wash my Kafni, I do not have a spare, and this one will take time till evening to get dry as it is made of thick fabric. Please do not wash my Kafni”. She did not listen to him and went hastily to wash Kafni and returned with a clean and dry Kafni. Before Vamanrao finished bathing, the Kafni was dry to his utter amazement!!! Holding dry Kafni made of thick fabric, it reminded him of that night’s incident when RadhaKrishna Maai’s hand were full of live embers. He bowed down to her with all respect from his heart.

Let me stop here as there are few more incidents reflecting the powers of RadhaKrishna Maai. I will cover them in next week’s post.

Vinny Maa has shared a very interesting video about RadhaKrishna Maai’s life, which is shared below. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family and also subscribe to the youtube channels (links provided at the end of the post)

Source: Translated from Sai Sarovar

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