What Is The Meaning Of “Sai”?

Today, February 18th is the birth anniversary of Shri. Ramkrishna Paramhans. On this day sharing an important piece of information for Sai Devotees – What Is The Meaning Of “Sai”? Shirdi Sai devotees always chant the name of “Sai”. It has become a mantra for them. In this post let’s see what does “Sai” mean as explained and described by Shri. Ramkrishna Paramhans. The meaning of ‘Sai’ can be understood well by reading ‘Shri Ramkrishna Vachanamrut’. One would be surprised to know that the meaning of the word revolves around the life of Sai Baba. It is more surprising that … Continue reading What Is The Meaning Of “Sai”?