Shri Sai Nath Stavan Manjari – Simplified Version In English

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Om Sai Ram || Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari || By Shri Das Ganu Maharaj

|| Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah ||

|| Om Shri Sai Nathay Namah ||

I touch the feet of Shri Ganesh,

Oh, Mayureshwar, You are the only one on whom we are dependent,

Oh, Son of Gauri, the one who knows everything,

Oh, You are beyond the human understanding

You have a very big stomach(belly),

Protect me, Oh, Shri Ganpati

You the first and foremost and very important in all the Ganas and Gods and Goddesses,

Therefore, You are called as “Ganesh”.

You are acknowledged (accepted, recognized) by the Shastras,

You have holy face, Oh, Bhaalchandra!

Oh, Mother Sharda, Goddess of Speech!

You are the teacher of the realms(area)of the words,

Because of Your existence

All the wordly transactions take place.

You are that Goddess who is worshipped by every writer,

You are always the pride of the nation,

Your infinite power is existing everywhere,

I bow down to you, Jagdambe.

You are the Paramatma and beloved of all the saints,

You are Human Incarnation of Pandharinath of Pandharpur,

You are the Ocean of Kindness and Infinite Compassion,

Oh, Narhari Panduranga!

You are the one who controls the entire world and

You are present everywhere(omnipresent).

Even today science and all the religious books are searching to know the essense of Your nature.

Those people who only have bookish knowledge,

You do not reveal yourself in front of them, Oh, Chakrapani!

Rather those foolish people

Only indulge in the jugglery of words.

Only the saints understand you.

Rest all remain baffled.

To you with full faith and respect

I bow my obeisance.

Oh, You five headed Shankar,

Oh, You wearer of garlands of skulls,

Oh, You blue throated Digambar,

Oh, You Brahmarupa Pashupati!

The one who remembers(chants) Your Name all the time

All his wordly problems will end very soon.

Oh, Dhurjati, such is a Power

In your name.

With Full Faith bowing at Your feet,

I am writing this paean(song) of praise.

You always help me in completing this important work,

Oh, You, Neelkanth – You are blue throated one.

Now, I bow to, Swami Dattatreya who is the Son of Atri,

Lord Vishnu who is the Family Diety of Indra,

To Saint Tukaram and to all other Saints

And also to all the devotees.

Hail, Hail to you, Sainath!

Who is the Redeemer(saves) of the sinners and Most Merciful.

I lay(keep) my head down at Your feet,

Now You only give me Your protection.

You are the Whole World, the Abode of Bliss,

You, Yourself, are Lord Vishnu, an example among all the men,

You, whose wife if Goddess Uma,

You are the Enemy of Cupid.

You are the Lord in human incarnation,

You are the Sun in the sky of knowledge,

You are the Ocean of Kindness,

You are the Antidote(medicine) of all the wordly problems, sufferings and diseases.

You are the Chintamani of the poor, sufferers and downtrodden,

You are the Ganga River to purify Your devotees,

You are the Raft for those drowning in worldliness,

You are the Refugee of the timid people.

You are The Reason for The Creation of this Entire World,

The one who is Pure Chaitanya!

Oh, You are the Treasure of Kindness and Compassion,

This world is one of Your Leela only.

You are not born,

Even death can not affect You.

This is the final conclusion

On which we reach; after a lot of thinking.

Birth and death

This thought has arise only because of ignorance.

You from these two things

Are definitely free, Oh, Lord!

If water takes the form of a fountain

So does it mean that it’s source is from there?

It already existed there,

Only has come out(sprang) of the earth.

Water springs up in a hollow,

That is why a name is given to the hollow

And ‘fountain’ becomes it’s correct name.

Without water, it is only a hollow.

To spring up and then to dry up and disappear

Is not the nature of water,

Therefore the water of the fountain

Which fills the hollow does not give importance to that hollow.

It is only that hollow who is proud of itself

But it is the water that fills it.
That is why when the water dries up
Then the hollow becomes empty and impoverished.

This human body is like a hollow water bed,
The Soul is like the Pure Water of that fountain,
Although there are countless hollow,
But the essense is same in everyone.

Till now, You are without the beginning,
You are Kind(Merciful), I say to You
To destroy this mountain of ignorance
You become the thunderbolt of Indra.

Till now such hollow people
Have their existence in very large number.
Even now they exist in very large number
And in future also they will come in very large number.

Each such person
Is given a different name and different appearance.
In this way they are recognized
In this world.

Thus to differentiate this soul,
In form of you and me is not proper
Because there is no duality
That is why it is definitely the Soul(Atma)

And that is why this soul
Is within this entire world.
Then how this concept of duality ‘you and me’,
Can be thought of?

The water which is hidden in the clouds
Is the same,
But when it falls(rains) on earth
Then it takes different different forms.

When it falls in the Godavari bed
Then it is called as the pure Godavari River.
When it falls in a well
Then its purity is not the same.

Saints are the Godavari River
And You are the pure water of it.
We are puddles, well and lakes,
This is the difference between You and us.

To make our living in this life
We should always join our hands
And Surrender to You
Because You are Embodiment of Piety(Godly).

This is because of its river bed
That the water of the Godavari River is Pure
If only water is considered
Then it the same everywhere.

The water of the Godavari River
Is actually considered to be very pure.
Its purity is given to
That land(soil) from where it flows.

The water which is hidden in the clouds
Does not change that part of earth where it falls
But the part of that earth on which the water falls
Is called by Scholars and Scriptures
As the Pure Godavari River.

When the water falls at some other place
Then it takes the qualities of that soil.
Although it is sweet in the starting
But later turns polluted, sour and salty.

The same is with You, Oh, Gururaya,
In whom the impurity of six vices (list, anger, greed, attachment, arrogance and jealousy) is not there.
To that Pure(Holy) form
By the name “Saint” is correct.
Therefore the Saints are the Godavari River,
Full of Mercy.
In all beings
Your Place is The Topmost(The Supreme).

From the beginning of the world
The Godavari River has its existence.
It has been always full of water
And till today there is no lack of it.

See, The enemy of Ravan also
Came to the banks of the Godavari River
But still the water kept flowing
And today the water is not same as the old one.

Only the river bed is same as the previous one
The water of it flowed into the sea.
But the purity of the river bed
Even today is everylasting.

Every year,
The old water flows away and the new water
Flows in the river bed
This is the rule as you know.

A century is like a year
The Sages of that century
Are like flowing water
And the great souls are like the waves of the water.

The Saints who are the Godavari River,
In starting(early) century
There came a great flood
Of Sanat – Sanak – Sanandan.

Then after that, Tumbar,
Dhruv, Prahlad, Powerful Raja Bali,
Shanti, Angad, Vayukumar,
Vidur, Gop – Gopika,
Like this, there came many in the present century.
In each of the early century
This flood came again and again
Which I am unable to describe.
In this present century
This pure Godavari River
In Your form, Oh, Sainath
Has really watered this land.

Therefore, with Full Faith I now
Bow down at Your Feet.
Oh, Maharaj, I request You
Please do not pay attention to my mistakes.

I am a poor, wretched(poor) and ignorant man,
The very greatest of sinners,
Full of many vices(flaws)
But please do not leave me.

The natural defects of iron
Are ignored by Paras(a kind of stone).
The small streams of the village, lendi and drain (ohola)
The Godavari River never rejects.

I am full of vices(flaws),
You with your merciful glance
Destroy them(vices) as soon as possible.
This is the request(plea) of this Das.

Even if coming in contact with Paras
The natural defects of iron
Does not change, then Oh Gururaya
It is the insult of ‘Paras’ only.

Please do not let me be a sinner,
Do not make Yourself small,
See, You are ‘Paras’ and I am iron,
You are also worried(concerned) about my liberation(mukti).
A child always does mistakes
But a mother never abuses the child.
By thinking(remembering) this
Please grant me Your grace.
Oh, Sadguru Sainath,
You are My Kalpataru,
You are undoubtedly the medium
To cross this worldy ocean.
You are the “Kaamdhenu”,
You are the “Chintamani”,
You are the Sun in the sky of knowledge,
You are the Great Mine of Virtues,
Oh, Sainath You are the Ladder to Heaven.

Oh, Pious, Purest One,
Oh, Embodiment of Peace and Bliss,
Oh, Paramatma (Supreme Self),
Oh, the Non-Dual One, Ocean of Knowledge,
Oh, Incarnation of Supreme knowledge, The Best among men,
Oh, Refugee of devotees,
Bless me, Bless me!
You are Sadguru Machindra,
You are Mahatma Jalandhar,
You are Nivratinath, Saint Gyaneshwari.
Kabir, Sheikh Muhammad, Eknath, You are,
You are Bodhala, You are Savata Mali,
You are Saint Tukaram, Sainath
You are Saint Sukh, You are Manik Prabhu.

Your present form
And Your Manifold Nature
Both are difficult to understand.
The knowledge of Your Caste, Creed and Religion
You do not give to anybody.

Some call You Muslim,
Some call You Brahman,
That’s is why You are Mysterious (Inscrutable)
Like Lord Shri Krishna.

On Seeing Lord Shri Krishna
Different different people used to call him with different names.
Some call him Yadubhusan,
Some call him Gopal.
Mother Yashoda used to call him Dear,
Kans used to call him very bad.
Uddhav called him favourite(beloved)
Arjun used to call him Omniscient.

Similary, Oh, Gururaya,
Each and every human according to
His mental attitude
Give you different different names.

This Masjid being Your Dwelling Place
And Your Ears being not pierced,
Everyone calling You Rahman,
Therefore calling You a Muslim is logical.

Similary, the Worship of Fire
As done by You, Lord of Mercy,
This is my conclusion
That You are a Hindu.

But this outer differences
Only affects the ignorant ones,
But those who are desirous of knowledge
Are not affected.

You Yourself are Brahma.,
Cast, Creed and Religion have no relation with You,
You are The Supreme Guru,
You are The Creator of This World.

There was difference between Hindu and Muslims
To bring unity and amity between them
You did fire worship in Masjid
And used to show Your Leela to Your devotees.

You are Beyond Caste, Creed and Religion,
You are the Parabrahma, The Ultimate Truth,
You are that, verily,
You are beyond the human understanding.

Due to freedom of presumptions and doubts
Many arguments developed on You.
How can my common words
Then win there?

But when I observe You
Then I can not remain silent
Because for the one who sings praises
Words are the only means.

Therefore, with the help of words only
How much description(praise) is possible,
That, with Your Grace
I will always keep doing.

I reckon(consider) that Saints are Great
And Lord is full of divine power.
They have equal feeling towards everyone
And there is no feeling of You and me.

Hiranyakashyap and Ravan they were killed
Because they have hatered towards God
But Saints never did this
And helped to remove hatred.

Gopichand in the heap of garbage
Buried Mahatma Jalandhar
But he did not have hatred for him and the act.

Inspite the king was delivered(liberated) from
This material world
And became memorable.
Such Powerful and Merciful the Saints are
Whose Glory can not be described!

Saints are The Sun,
Their Grace is The Light.
Saints are Beautiful(Pleasant) like the Moon,
They are Gentle like The Moonlight.

Saints are The Soothing Musk,
Their Blessings are like It’s Fragrance.
Saints are Juicy Sugarcane,
Their Blessings are like It’s Sweetness.

Saints towards the good and bad
Are definitely the same.
On the contrary they have Immense Love
For the sinners.

In the waters of the Godavari River
Only the dirty clothes come to be washed (cleaned)
The clean clothes in a trunk
Remain far from the Godavari bed.

Even those clothes
Which are kept in a trunk
Came once to be washed(cleaned) nicely
On the banks of The Godavari River.

The Darshan of Your Lotus Feet
Is like taking bath in The Godavari River.
Oh Sai Samarth, Wash away my sins
And make me pure.

We wordly people
Keep collecting the flaws again and again,
Therefore, we all people
Are correct to take Your Darshan.

On the banks of the Godavari River only
Clothes comes to get washed,
If they are left like this only
Then it is discredit to the Godavari River only.

You are the Cool, Shady Tree with full of leaves,
We all are the travellers only
Who are suffering and worried from the worldy problems of the life
Which are like scorching sun rays.

Oh Gururaya, You are kind,
Please protect us from this scorching heat(problems).
The cool shade of your kind Grace
Is extraordinary.

Even if sitting under a tree
Someone feels the heat of the sun
Then who will call that tree
The shade giving tree?

See, without your Grace
Nothing can be right in this world.
To upload the right
Sheshayee(Lord Shri Krishna) befriended Arjun.

Due to Kindness of Sugriv
Vibhishana met Lord Shri Ram.
It is due to the Saints
That Lord Shri Hari(Lord Vishnu) is thus Glorified.

Brahma is formless,
Even Vedas can not describe You,
To give a form only
Saints reduced the importantace of the formless.

The residing diety of Vaikuntha (Lord Shri Vishnu’s avtaar Lord Shri Krishna, Lord Vitthal) who is the Consort of Goddess Rukmini,
Took the form of a Mahar for Damaji.
To pick up the corpses of buffaloes
Saint Chokhamela made Jagad Atma work.

After knowing the glory of the Saints
Jagjivan laboured by carrying water.
Saints are More Merciful that Gods
Who is Eternal Truth, Knowledge and Bliss.

There is no need to speak more.
You only are Our Mother and Father
Oh, Sadguru Sainath,
Dweller of Shirdi Village.

Sai Baba, no one can
Understand Your Leelas,
Then how can my simple speech
Do justice to it?

To save the sinners
You came to Shirdi.
By pouring water into earther lamps
You made them burn(light).

You made a small wooden plank of
Strange dimensions as Your Bed.
Like this, You showed to Your devotees
Your Amazing Yogic Powers.

You completely dispelled the
Barrenness of many woman.
The health issues of many people
You cured with Your Udi.

For You, removing the worldy problems
Is not possible.
Will the weight of an ant
Does the elephant consider as a burden?

Oh, Gururaya,
Have Mercy on all the miserable ones.
I Surrender myself at your feet,
Please do not turn me away.

You are the King of Kings,
You yourself are Richer than Lord Kubera,
You are the Supreme Healer,
No one is Supreme than You.

For the Worship of other Dietes
A Ritual is prescribed,
But, for Your Worship
Nothing is Superior than You.

Look, in the realm of the Sun
The festival of Deepavali has come
But to celebrate it
What should be the means?

To quench the thirst of an ocean
There is not enough water on this earth.
To give warmth to the fire
From where can the heat be brought?
All the articles for Your Worship
Has Your essence only.
Oh, Shri Samarth Gururaya,
From the starting only they have been Your Part.

All my talks are philosophical
Because I have not experienced the truth.
Without experience and without knowing the meaning
I have spoken the words.

If I have to Worship You
With all the rituals, then,
Oh, Shri Samarth Gururaya,
I do not have any resources.

Only with my imagination
I will worship You.
Oh Merciful, You please accept
The Worship of this Das.

Now with my Tears
I Wash Your Lotus Feet.
The Sandelwood Paste of True Devotion
I Apply to You.

The Long Kafni of these decorated words
I Give it to You.
The Garland of Faith and Love
I make You wear in Your Neck.

The incense stick of sin and wickedness
I Burn Infront of You.
Although I know that it is impure
But still Infront of You there will be no foul oder.

If Infront of anyone else except the Sadguru
This incense stick is burnt
Then, with the incense stick
This will happen,

As soon as the incense stick
Will be put on fire
The fragrance of the incense stick
Will leave it,

But, Infront of You this will not happen.
In Front of You the impurities will burn away
And Only the Goodness remains
So that the world can see.

When the impurities of the mind are burnt away
Then mind becomes clean(pure).
As the Ganga River which is Holy
Cleanse away all the impurities.

Greed and infatuation
I burn in form of a Diya
With which, Oh, Gururaya, You give me
The Light of Knowledge, Austerity and Asceticism.

The Throne of Pure Faith
I give to You to Sit.
On receiving it
Please accept the offering of My Devotion as Naivaidya.

Please Accept my Prayer
And give me the Essence of it
Because I am Your child
And I have full right on Your Milk.

My mind is the Dakshina,
Which I give to You.
Therefore, from now on the credit or discredit of any action
Will not be mine.

Now with Full Humility, Faith and Devotion
I Bow Before You.
Oh Merciful Sainath,
Please accept this.

Eight Fold Prayer

One who has Peaceful Mind, Hail to You.
Sainath who is Merciful, Hail to You.

The One who is Ocean of Mercy and Incarnation of Truth, Hail to You.
The One who removes Ignorance, Hail to You.

You are Beyond Caste, Creed and Religion,
Who is Beyond human understanding and Remover of sins and problems
Lord Shiva, Protect Me, Protect Me
Sai Baba of Shirdi.

You are The Sun of Divine Knowledge, Hail to You.
You are Favourable and Fulfiller of Wishes, Hail to You.
You are The King of the minds of people, Hail to You.
You are Protector of those who Surrender to You, Hail to You

You are Brahma, The Creator of this world, Hail to You.
You are Vishnu, The Preserver of this world, Hail to You.
You are Shiva, The Destroyer, Hail to You.
You are Rudra, The Powerful, Hail to You.

There is no place in this world where You are not,
You are present in All The Lokas.
You are The Dweller in the Hearts of all people.
Oh, Sainath, You are Present Each & Everywhere.

Please Forgive Us for all the sins.
I Pray to You
And please Remove all our
Doubts and Confusions.

You are The Kaamdhenu and I am the calf,

You are The Moon and I am a melted stone from it’s(Moon’s) light,
You Love Your children, Hail to You.

Oh Lord, Please Bless Me by Keeping Your Hands on My head
And Remove my problems and diseases.
Oh Lord, Please Accept this Dasganu
And Keep me Close to Your Heart.
From This Pean of Praise I Pray to You
That please Always Keep Your Mercy on me.
Remove my sins, problems, sufferings and poverty
And Your Form is always be in my eyes.

You are The Cow and I am the calf,
You are The Mother and I am your Child,
Please don’t be harsh with me,
Instead , Shower Your Love on me.

You are The Sandelwood from Malagiri
And I am a thorny scrub.
You are The Life Giving Godavari River
And I am a biggest sinner.

Even if after having Your Darshan my flaws are not removed,
Then Oh Gururaya, who will call You Sandelwood?
Sadguru Your Greatness is then only
When You Remove my flaws and defects.

Being close to Kasturi
Even the dust becomes more valuable.
Even the flowers give their fragrance
To that thread in which they are tied.

This is the way of the Great Saints,
With whom so ever they come in contact with
To them they Impart their Goodness,
Then their(person’s) value is increased in this world.

Holy Ash, Skin of the Tiger and Nandi(Bull),
All are Symbolic Part of Lord Shiva,
That is why
They are Praised Everywhere.

For the amusements of the cowherds
In Vrindavan, on the banks of Yamuna River
Lord Shri Krishna played game of Dahi Kala,
That attained a lot of recognition from the wise men.

You are Kind and Merciful,
You are Dear to me, Your heart is full of Love,
I am a sinner, Please forgive me
And Bless Me.

All those spiritual and wordly things
Which are good for me,
Oh Gururaya, You will give me that only
I have no doubt in this.

Oh Lord, I am salty water
And You are the Sweetness in the water,
But if You will Bless Me
Then sweetness will also come in me.

Oh Lord You have Infinte Power
You Can Fill the Ocean with Sweetness.
You are the Master and I am a servant,
Therefore please accept the Prayer of this Dasganu.

You are The Best in all the Gurus
And Your Fame is spread everywhere.
Whatever are my flaws and defects
Please You remove them.

Now what more should I say
Oh Guru Samarth, You are my Protector.
The child who is in his mother’s hand
Is he ever afraid?

Who so ever will read this Hymn of Praise everyday,
With Love and Faith,
Sainath Will Fulfill All Their Desires
And will give him Happiness and Peace.

This Hymn of Praise is like An Armour
That is like A Protector and Giver of Boon.
Who so ever will read this Hymn of Praise nicely
Then Within a Year all the problems will be warded off.

After having bath
Reading this Hymn of Praise
With Love and Faith
Lord will purify our minds also.

Thursday is the day of The Guru
And that day one should remember The Sadguru Whole heartedly.
Reading this Hymn of Praise on Thursday
Is Very Beneficial and Helpful.

The day of Ekadashi is Very Favourable
And reading this on Ekadashi with Faith
Is Beneficial, Pleasant
And Miraculous.

Those who read this with Full Faith,
They will get the Darshan of the Sadguru
And with His Blessings, along with Worldly and Spiritual Benefits
They will also get Happiness, Peace and Liberation.

With the Parayan of this Hymn of Praise
Dull witted will become Intelligent.
On reading this Hymn of Praise one gets Long Span of Life
And even protection from untimely death.

In this Hymn of Praise Mercy of Lord Dwells.
Reading this will Faith and Love
Even the poor gets Money
Because Truly Sai Himself is The Maha Kubera and Lord Shiva.

The Presence of Sai is Auspicious and Pleasant.
The study of this Hymn of Praise Gives Beneficial Result.
The childless gets a Child
And even they(the reader) gets Relief from all health issues.

On reading this Hymn of Praise Life Becomes Beautiful,
One gets Knowledge of Eternal Truth and Brahma,
Fear and all worries will go away
And One gets Honour and Prestige as well.

Respect this Hymn of Praise Whole Heartedly,
Have Full Faith in this Hymn,
With Clean and Pure Mind understand this Hymn
And Remove all doubts and misconceptions.

Go on Piligrimage to Shirdi,
And there Concentrate on the Lotus Feet of Sai Baba,
Who is the Kalpa Vriksha for His devotees
And Remover of problems of the poor and the meek.

Only Due to Baba’s Inspiration
And By His Order that this Hymn Has Been Composed,
Otherwise without his Blessings
How this Hymn would have happened?

In Shak Samvat 1840
In the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad Month
On Ganesh Chaturthi Day, Monday, in the Second Prahar
This Hymn of Sai Baba got Completed.

At Maheswaram, The Holy Teertha
Situated at The Banks of Narmada River.
Near Shri Ahilya Devi Samadhi
Sri Sainath Stavan Manjari Got Completed.

At the Holy Place of Mandhata
This Hymn was Revealed.
Shri Sai Baba Becoming The Voice of My Mind
Made me Utter Every Word.

Dasganu who is the Servant of
Sai Baba and All Other Saints,
After controlling the senses wrote this Hymn,
But Shri Sai Baba, The Lord of This World, is the Only One Who Sang(Wrote) This.

This Humble Hymn of Praise of Sainath
Is Able to Help One Cross this Worldy Ocean.
In This Entire World Sai Baba Becomes Known,
Therefore, this servant Sings Panduranga’s(Your) Praises.

Let This Be Offered To Hari And Hara. Peace be to all. Pundalik Varda Vitthal
I Recall Sitakanta. Hail Hail Rama. Parvati Patey Har Har Mahadev

Hail to Shri Satguru Sainath Maharaj.
Shri Sadguru Sainath, I offer this to you.

Hail Sai Ram!!!

Om Sai Ram!

Hail to Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj

Om Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sainath Maharaj.

Hail to Shri Satguru Sainath Maharaj.

Hail to Sai Ram!!

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