The Motherly Love Of Shirdi Sai Baba

The Motherly Love Of Shirdi Sai Baba

This Mother’s Day let us recall the Motherly Love of Sai Baba.

Sai Baba is love incarnate, just like a human mother. He will take many avatars to help us with what we want to achieve. At times He will take the avatar of a mother and takes care of us. When we are unwell He will appear as Udi or a doctor who will give us a proper diagnosis. When we are fearing an exam or an interview He will appear as His picture out of the blue. When we feel lonely we can feel His strong presence. Numerous are instances when His love especially as a mother is experienced by many of His devotees. 

The World going to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday. While I was publishing the attached image on our Sai Baba Images blog, I was drenched in motherly love that Sai Baba has been pouring on an ignorant soul like me. The love experienced was unparalleled and beyond words. These emotions took me down memory lane. I sat down thinking how Baba has been with me all the time like a loving Mother when my own mother can’t be with me. 

Distinctly I recalled two incidents that are close to my heart and fresh even today. I am going to share both of them. This happened when I went to Shirdi. 

It was way back in 2009 when I went to Shirdi with my parents and family friends to celebrate Diwali. It was a blissful day which we spent with all the grace and love of Baba giving us a warm welcome in HIs Nagri. While retiring at night, after the lights were switched off, the talks about Baba were not ending. I was continuously bringing up some or the other Leela of Baba that we encountered in the daytime. My father asked to go to sleep because there was another day for us to be in Shirdi and the body needed rest even if the heart was content and did not want to rest. Agreeing to his suggestion, I tried to sleep and suddenly I uttered, I wish I can have lassi (thick curd sweetened and added flavors). My brother exclaimed, “Oh sister, we are in Shirdi and even though we are visiting here frequently I have never seen lassi anywhere. Don’t wish such a thing”. I also agreed with his viewpoint and forgot about the wish. 

The next day after having lunch followed by darshan in Samadhi Mandir, we came near the old Prasadalay premises where now dairy products, tea, milk, and coffee are available. The man of our family friend bought buttermilk for all. They were pouches and each one got one. The sun was shining high on our heads, so we all were eager to experience the soothing effect of buttermilk on our throats. The buttermilk also reminded us of the episode from Sai Satcharitra when Baba offers buttermilk to Hemadpant and he had it on Baba’s insistence even if he was stomach full after lunch. 

I opened the pouch and expected buttermilk, I tasted lassi (plain – which I like the most). I asked what all others got and everyone said it was buttermilk. The man of the family who bought buttermilk also confirmed that he asked for buttermilk only from the shopkeeper. Instantly my family members recalled the last night’s talk about lassi and I shared it with the lady of the other family. She said, “Enjoy the lassi, you are lucky. Baba will hold on to the words you utter while you are in Shirdi”. I enjoyed the lassi with a lot of overflowing emotions and relished its last drop. 

When a kid wishes to have a particular food, a mother will be more eager to feed her child. She won’t waste any time and make arrangements to serve the food at the earliest. Baba did the same to me and I am very happy at being served with lassi! You can read all the details of the trip from the link below.

Another incident that I recall is about my vow of not having tea and Baba making all the arrangements to make sure I conclude the vow in Shirdi. Like an adamant kid I was throwing tantrums, but Baba made sure I had tea in Shirdi and accepted my vow. Please go through the whole episode from the following link to avoid this one being a long one.

On another trip to Shirdi in the year 2012, I was served with Kalakand which is my favorite sweet. How it came to me is a matter of Shirdi’s surprise to me even today. I am sharing the link for you all to go through the post. 

We are eager to hear from you all too wherein you also felt that Baba has showered His motherly love. Please share your valuable reminiscences with us in the comment section below.

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