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How to do Sai Naam Jaap” “Procedure to do Naap Jaap” and “Benefits of Sai Baba Naam Jaap” are a few questions that a devotee will think about before taking up Naam Jaap. However, due to stipulated time and the urge to finish it, there are few efforts to look into answers to these questions. Our Sai Baba has given us the Simplest Sadhna to chant His name in this fast-paced life, still, we hesitate to get answers to the small questions that arise.

“Sai Prashnavali” – Ask Questions to Sai Baba and get answers as the solution is very popular among devotees of Sai Baba. At Sai Yug Network, we always thrive on sharing what will enhance your personality as a devotee and help you reach the next level in spirituality. We are starting with a series of Sai Baba Prashnavali, to cater to such small yet significant doubts and be helpful.

Naam Jaap has been referred to and regarded as the easiest Sadhna in this Kaliyug because people are more into the survival process and in a constant race to achieve things one after the other. The phenomenon never seems to cease. We are fortunate that we came into the fold of Sai Baba and He is guiding us to move above this survival and worldly struggles. So our duty is to be a little more sincere in what is required to move forward on the spiritual path. After the inception of Anant Akhand Naam Jaap as a spiritual venture, a lot of readers associated with us have participated and continue doing it either every day or at least for 20 minutes a week as per the time slot chosen by them. The liberty given here is they can do the Naam Jaap while taking care of the worldly activities and something is carried on instead of nothing. 

Mahalasa – Importance Of Nama-Japa (Ref) i.e Chapter 5 of ShirdiChe Sai Baba book shares detailed insight into the benefits of chanting the name of God and we recommend you to read it before proceeding further. 

All these references to the incidents while Sai Baba lived in Shirdi explain that Naam Jaap should be done with heart. Mere chanting for a specific number will bind the mind and the heart will not feel connected. Casually uttering “Sai” or “Baba” or “Sai Baba” our hearts should melt with feelings and devotion for Him which will be visible through the tears in our eyes. So when doing Naam Jaap taking the name alone continuously will make the connection natural and the heart will be at peace. It is as simple as connecting a bluetooth gadget to your device. The pairing mode will instantly initiate when the range is apt. So the simple Sadhna of doing Naam Jaap is very simple. We just need to utter the name with a true heart. Initially, if this is difficult then you can utter the name or mantra loud enough for you to hear it. The sound will make its way to the heart and help to connect. With constant practice, you can proceed further by uttering the name silently and you will see how instantly the mind and heart align with the name giving it peace beyond words. Thus the process of Naam Jaap is neither mechanical nor technical, only lovable! 

Those interested in going technical and doing it in a more perfect way can do so in the following manner

  • Find a calm place to sit
  • Sit folded hands, palms resting in between the chest and crossed-legged. Make sure you are in a comfortable position
  • Start chanting the name or mantra with the sound “Aum” as shared in this audio clip below.
  • Don’t rush with time, keep the pace of the chant constant
  • Do not count the number of chants, focus on quality, not quantity. It may happen sometimes that you will be chanting more and sometimes less. It won’t matter at all until you are chanting with whole true-hearted devotion.

We hope this Sai Prashnavali helps you to do the simplest Sadhna of chanting the name of Our Sathguru Shirdi Sai Baba in the best and simplest way. Next Prashnavali will be “Why Sai Baba Doesn’t Answer My Prayers”. 

We would like to conclude this post with a quote from Bhagavad Gita.

“सततं कीर्तयन्तो मां यतन्तश्च दृढव्रता: | नमस्यन्तश्च मां भक्त्या नित्ययुक्ता उपासते ||”

— Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 9, Song 14

kīrtayantaḥsinging or chanting
dṛiḍha-vratāHwith utmost determination
namasyantaḥhumbly bowing down
bhaktyāin devotion
nitya-yuktāḥconstantly engaged

Interpretation: Always singing or chanting My divine glories, striving with great determination, and humbly bowing down before Me, devotees constantly worship Me in loving devotion.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Thank you for explaining about Naam jaap. I would like to know if ‘Aum’ said once in the beginning is enough before chanting ‘Sai’or has to Aum has to chanted each time before Sai, like’ Aum Sai’. Thank you Sai Ram 🙏

  2. I Prostate at baba,’s feet keep me good health & regain my health. My health is s getting detorating day by day. I offer my prayers to baba to give me strength, courage to face what ever the circumstances.
    Jai sairam

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