Experience Love & Bliss From Sai Baba As A Devoted Mother

As Mother’s Day draws near, it is a time for us to reflect on the love and care we have received from the maternal figures in our lives. On this occasion, we have gathered some touching accounts from devotees of Sai Baba, who have experienced a deep and profound sense of motherly love from Him.

These experiences are truly remarkable and have the power to take us on a transformative journey of emotions. Through the stories shared by these devotees, we can witness the immense compassion and tenderness that Sai Baba embodies, and the impact it has had on their lives.

As you delve into these accounts, you may find yourself moved by the deep connection and nurturing presence of Sai Baba. You may feel a sense of comfort and reassurance, as if being enveloped in a warm and loving embrace.

Indeed, the experiences of these devotees serve as a poignant reminder of the power of motherly love, and the ways in which it can manifest in unexpected and profound ways. So as we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us take a moment to honor and cherish the maternal figures in our lives, and to reflect on the many ways in which love and care can transform us.

A Mother’s Journey of Love, Separation, and Miracles

In a small town in West Bengal known as Darjeeling, there lived a devoted daughter of Shirdi Sai Baba. She had been under Sai Baba’s grace for many lifetimes and offered her humble pranams at His holy feet. She knew that whatever had happened or would happen in her life was all due to His mercy, unfaltering love, and guidance.

This young woman was a mother to a two-year-old child and had to leave her with her parents while pursuing her career in Bangalore. Her husband worked in a bank, which meant his job was transferable, and her in-laws were not supportive. Every day, every second, she missed her child, and her heart tore up during WhatsApp calls because of distance and helplessness. She cried to Baba, telling Him how much she missed her child, and through it all, Baba was with her day and night, as a father and daughter stay together.

Politics and a bad working environment at the office drove her to sadness and tears. Her manager would shout at her in front of all her team members, but she had to tolerate it, as Baba had said that we need to have Shraddha and Saburi. This situation made her realize that family is one of the most important things, followed by health and career. With Baba’s inspiration, she started preparing and applying for job interviews.

Miraculously, she was blessed with two job offers, both of which were remote or permanent home-based jobs, which was unheard of in her industry. It was a first-time thing for both of these companies, and it happened only because of Baba’s grace. She accepted one of the offers and would be able to work remotely while being closer to her child.

Baba’s timing of job offers was truly miraculous, as many of her colleagues were laid off, and she was sure her name would have been on that list if not for Baba’s intervention. She was grateful for Baba’s patience and kindness and knew that He had saved her from a difficult situation. She thanked Baba, her dear guardian, father, and Babaji, for listening to her prayers and guiding, blessing, and protecting her always. She asked for His forgiveness and grace for all her mistakes and prayed that they would always be under His protection.

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A Devotee’s Journey Through Job Loss and Faith

An anonymous Shirdi Sai devotee from the USA who considered herself Baba’s daughter. To her, the words “Om Sairam” were magical and brought immense happiness to her life.

During Guru Poornima, she went to the temple in the US, but she couldn’t help but reminisce about the previous year’s celebrations in India where she played, sang, and danced on the streets. The very next day, she received a call from the New York Sai temple inviting her to participate in a quiz on Sai Satcharitra and join in the Guru Pournima celebrations. Although it was a 12-hour journey away, Baba pulled her towards the temple, and she decided to attend.

Baba arranged for her accommodation at a volunteer’s house, and she participated in the quiz and palki procession. It was an amazing event, and she felt overjoyed that Baba was listening to her wishes. Although she was selected for the final round of the quiz, she had many commitments and wasn’t sure whether to stay in the US or not. Baba’s unique ways ensured that she got a job opportunity in New Jersey, which made it easier for her to attend the final round of the quiz every weekend.

However, during the final round, she panicked and couldn’t attempt all the questions, which left her uncertain about winning any prizes. She prayed to Sai continuously, and on the day of Dushhera 2018, she was overjoyed to receive the second prize in the quiz. Even though she didn’t believe she would win, Baba’s grace presented her with the prize, and she was immensely grateful.

After starting her new job in New Jersey, she forgot to offer her ID card at Baba’s feet, and she lost her job. She prayed to Baba for guidance and soon found another job opportunity nearby. She participated in the quiz and received two pairs of dresses from a fellow Sai devotee, as well as the prize money of $500. Baba had blessed her with the gifts as if she was leaving her mother’s house.

Despite these blessings, she lost her job once again, and she felt depressed and uncertain about her future. She was studying for her Masters and couldn’t afford to stay at home without a job. She prayed to Sai and asked for the other devotees’ prayers for her to find a job soon. She believed that Baba knew what was best for her and had a plan in mind, so she trusted in his divine will.

And so, the anonymous Sai devotee continued to pray and have faith in Baba’s ways, knowing that he would guide her towards a better future. Om Sri Satchedhanadha Samartha Sadghuru Sainath Maharaji Ki Jai.

Sai Baba’s Unconditional Love: A Motherly Figure in the Lives of Devotees

An anonymous devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. For five years, the devotee had been under the divine shelter of Baba and had experienced countless blessings in their life. Grateful for Baba’s guidance, the devotee shared a story about how Baba had blessed their little brother with a job. The devotee expressed their gratitude to Hetalji for providing a platform to share their experiences with other devotees.

It all began when the devotee’s brother graduated in May 2017 and started looking for jobs in December of the same year. Despite his efforts, he did not receive any calls. The family was deeply worried because living in a foreign country without a job is a challenging task. The devotee prayed to Baba to bless their little brother and help him find a job. As fate would have it, while reading experiences on a website, the devotee came across a story about an elder sister praying for her little brother who had also graduated and seeking employment. The sister performed Sai Divya pooja, and her brother landed a job soon after. The devotee was surprised to see that Baba had answered their prayers and showed them a path to follow.

Without wasting any time, the devotee started Sai Divya Pooja the same week and continued for five weeks. Meanwhile, their mother prayed and kept doing parayan. The family also advised the brother to go to Baba’s temple near him and kept comforting him, telling him that he would get the job soon. Although the brother attended interviews and received a few calls, nothing materialized. The family was heartbroken and anxiously waited for good news from him.

One evening, while the devotee was doing some chores in the kitchen, they began to doubt if they were praying enough or if Baba was hearing their prayers. Suddenly, the devotee heard lines from a song in a Tamil movie that said, “if you pray or don’t pray, God listens to you.” These words gave the devotee immense relief, and they felt happy knowing that Baba heard their prayers and was working towards something good for their brother.

The next day, the family received the long-awaited call from the brother. He had landed a job offer in a very good company, which he felt was too good to be true. Overjoyed and grateful, the devotee thanked Baba for always listening to their prayers and being by their side even when no one else was. This experience was especially special because Baba Himself advised the devotee to perform the pooja and even assured them that He had received their prayers when they began to doubt themselves. It was like Baba telling them not to give up and that the test was almost over. The devotee believed that Baba’s love was like a mother’s love, as He kept testing them and cheering them up when they were on the verge of giving up.

The devotee thanked Baba for taking pity on them and loving and caring for them. They had experienced Baba’s love so many times, but this experience was unique because Baba had guided them every step of the way. The devotee believed that if there was someone in their life who could test them and cheer them up when they were down, it was Baba.

Gratitude For Baba’s Blessings In Overcoming Obstacles In Life

An anonymous Sai devotee from India expresses gratitude towards Hetalji and the team for maintaining a blog where Sai devotees can meet each other on a daily basis. The author shares three experiences where Baba’s grace helped them in different aspects of life.

In the first experience, the author describes how they faced objections from their neighbours while renovating their ownership flat. Despite regular quarrels, they could complete the renovation, including the construction of a mandir room, without any further disruptions. The author promised to share the experience with other Sai devotees if there were no complaints or fights, and Baba kept his word.

The second experience is about the author’s business. They were short of funds during the holidays when they had to make payments to their employees and vendors. A client who had been postponing payments for a long time promised to make the payment before the holidays. The author vowed to feed 100 people on Thursday if the payment was made before the holidays. With Baba’s grace, the payment was made, and the author fulfilled their promise to feed 100 people.

The third and most heart-warming experience is about the author’s desire to have a second child. They had aborted their first attempt due to some misunderstandings with doctors. After six months, they tried again but were unsuccessful. A doctor discovered a wound in the author’s wife’s fallopian tubes that needed to be treated immediately. They underwent surgery, but their attempts to conceive were unsuccessful. Another doctor advised them to undergo an USG, which revealed that both fallopian tubes were blocked. The doctor said that a test tube baby was the only option. The author felt devastated and believed that they were being punished for their earlier sin. However, with Baba’s grace, they conceived naturally after a few months, and their daughter was born. The author expresses gratitude towards Baba for the blessing.

The couple had been trying to conceive a second child since 2014 without success. They visited a set of doctors, one of whom operated on the wife for a wound. They resumed their efforts to conceive, but failed again. The couple then consulted a fertility specialist, who recommended a laparoscopy test. The doctor found that the wife’s fallopian tubes were blocked, and advised an operation. The couple agreed, and the doctor informed them that the blockage was larger than anticipated and that their only option was a test tube baby. The couple, who already had a daughter, were devastated to hear this news, as they wanted a son to complete their family.

After the operation, the husband tried to console his wife and himself, but he was inwardly devastated. However, to their surprise, the wife conceived the same month as the operation. In the third or fourth month of her pregnancy, the husband had a dream in which his uncle entered their house carrying a small child and announced that the couple had been blessed with a boy. Additionally, the husband’s mother had received an affirmative answer from their ancestor God that their son would have a baby boy.

The couple had a ritual of performing seva to Baba every morning, and they sensed the essence of rose water in their entire house on the day of the delivery. They took this as a sign of Baba’s presence and blessings. On the day of the delivery, the doctor suggested a C-section, but the couple decided to wait because the wife had given birth without a C-section six years earlier. However, after speaking with a gynaecologist friend, they decided to go for a C-section.

As the wife was being operated on, the husband went to the mandir, and when he returned, the doctor showed him their new son. The husband was overjoyed and exclaimed “Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai,” while his mother shouted “Bolo Sri Krishna Kanahiya Lal Ki Jai.” The couple felt grateful to Baba for fulfilling their wishes for a second child and a baby boy.

The couple prayed that their son would grow up to be a good human being with all the qualities of a good devotee. They hoped that he would follow their path of daily worship and service to Baba and start his daily chores only after having Baba’s darshan at the temple. They also hoped to visit Shirdi soon to express their gratitude and love to Baba.

Faith and Perseverance in the Face of Setbacks

An anonymous devotee from India shared a peculiar and profound experience that she believes proves the continued presence of her deity, Sai Baba. The devotee, who has been devoted to Sai Baba since childhood, recounts a recent event where she and her family had to return to India due to visa issues after living in the USA for four years. Despite their efforts to obtain an H1b visa for two years, they were unsuccessful. The devotee turned to her faith and did nine Guruvar Vrat for visa, but Sai Baba did not grant her wish.

Despite this setback, the devotee remained steadfast in her faith and continued to do Nav Guruvar Vrat and read Sai Satcharitra. One day, she had a dream where her employer informed her that eight people, including her and one other person, had their visa applications picked up in the lottery. This dream gave her hope that they would finally be granted a visa. Soon after, the devotee stumbled upon a post on a website where a woman shared a similar experience. The woman dreamt that she saw Sai Baba and gave him a dakshina of five rupees. After having the dream, she ordered a book called “Sai Baba is still alive” by Jaya Wahi and found her dream was written in the book.

Curious, the anonymous devotee searched for the book and found a link to a post on the same website she had previously visited. The post detailed a devotee’s experience where he dreamt that eight visa applications, including the anonymous devotee’s, were picked up in the lottery. Overwhelmed with emotion, the anonymous devotee believed that Sai Baba was speaking to her through these coincidences and guiding her towards the truth.

Days later, the anonymous devotee received the news that her family’s visa application was picked up in the lottery. Overjoyed, she and her husband brought a beautiful rose garland to offer to Sai Baba at the temple. To her amazement, the priest informed her that Baba had been waiting for a garland and no one had brought one until that day. Overcome with tears of joy, the devotee realized that each and every word she had read in Satcharitra was true, and that Sai Baba eagerly waits for the things devotees think to give Him. She expressed her gratitude to Sai Baba and the administrator of the website for their blessings and guidance.

Sai Baba Devotee Shares a Story of Gratitude and Realization

The anonymous devotee from India expresses gratitude towards Hetal Didi Ji for her efforts in collecting the experiences of Sai Baba devotees. They request that their name and email address remain undisclosed and share their best experience with Lord Sai Baba. They hope that their story finds a place on the blog and offer blessings for Hetal Didi Ji and her family.

The writer expresses that their life would be meaningless without the presence of their beloved Guru Sai Baba. They feel that their life is controlled by Sai Baba and they are merely a spectator watching Sai Baba’s role in their life. They believe that Sai Baba has shown them the secret to living in this world, which is to understand the feeling of Sai. The writer feels a sense of peace, hope, awakening, and energy whenever they think of Sai. They worship Sai Baba every day and love doing so. One Wednesday night, as they were going to sleep, something significant happened.

The devotee recalls how they had asked Sai Baba to make their presence felt the next day, no matter the cost, and to meet them at any cost. They believe that as Sai Baba is like a parent to them, He would not ignore their wish. The devotee then describes how Sai Baba played with their thoughts and how the name of Sai Baba was continuously playing in their mind when they woke up on Thursday morning. The devotee felt satisfied and thanked God for the experience.

Later, when they went to the kitchen, their mother greeted them with a sweet voice, saying “Jai Shri Krishna” and served them tea and breakfast. The devotee saw the love and care in their mother’s eyes and felt happy to see her happiness when she looked at them. They realized that they had only felt this level of emotion from their mother that day.

The devotee shared how they had expressed their desire to Sai Baba to feel His presence and to meet Him at any cost. They believed that as Sai Baba is like a parent to them, He would not ignore their wish. The devotee described how Sai Baba played with their thoughts and how His name continuously played in their mind when they woke up on Thursday morning. They felt satisfied and grateful for the experience.

As the devotee got ready for the day, their mother greeted them with a sweet voice, saying “Jai Shri Krishna” and served them tea and breakfast. The devotee saw the love and care in their mother’s eyes and felt happy to see her happiness when she looked at them. They realized that they had not noticed this level of emotion from their mother before. A new thought arose in their mind as they reflected on how their mother had taken care of them from birth and had always given them her love and care without expecting anything in return.

The devotee then thought about how precious the gifts of mother and father are and how they must preserve these gifts without hurting them. They were grateful to Sai Baba for giving them their mother and father.

The devotee shared about the realization of the precious love of their mother and father early in the morning, which brings happiness and peace that is unexplainable. They emphasized the importance of Sai Baba’s gift of parents and how it helps forget all the problems and brings mental peace. The devotee reflected on how Sai Baba himself gave importance to motherly affection and considered it as the strongest love that can reach any destination. After realizing the significance of Sai Baba’s gift of parents, the devotee thanked Sai Baba before heading to the office. While at the temple, the devotee noticed many devotees with saddened and gloomy faces, appearing to be suffering from pain and sorrows, and praying from their heart.

The devotee, after asking Sai Baba to fulfill the wishes of the suffering devotees, left the temple and saw a poor couple with a small girl outside, sitting under a tree. The man was disabled and sat on a wheelchair while the woman wore a torn saree and chatted happily with her husband. The small girl was wearing a ragged, torn frock and played joyfully with her parents. She hugged her mother from behind, and the mother smiled, laughed, and then lifted her daughter in her arms, swinging her around. The innocent smile of the little girl deeply touched the devotee’s heart. They were all happily playing and enjoying each other’s company. The small girl climbed the wheelchair slowly and meticulously, shifting her left and right legs up the wheel to reach her father. He carried her and played with her, and the devotee sat outside the temple, watching this beautiful play of God.

The devotee had a moment of realization when he witnessed a poor family outside the temple. The man had no legs and was sitting on a wheelchair, while his wife was wearing a torn saree and talking happily with her husband. Their daughter was wearing a small, rugged frock and playing happily with her parents. Despite their difficult circumstances, the family was content and enjoying their time together. The devotee was moved by their happiness and realized that they were richer than him in spirit. He acknowledged the blessings that he had in his life, including two legs to walk, good clothes to wear, a bike to travel, and countless gifts, yet he remained unhappy. The poor family, who had so little, were the ones who were truly happy and content. This realization humbled the devotee and made him feel like a real beggar in comparison to the poor family’s wealth of spirit.

The devotee reflected on how Sai Baba had given them many gifts in life, but they had never truly appreciated them. They remembered how Sai Baba had emphasized the importance of being satisfied with what one has in life, saying “Fakiri Sabse Badi Amiri Hai”. After leaving the temple, the devotee was riding their bike to work when they encountered a school auto rickshaw full of small children who were playing and teasing them. The children were wearing cute handkerchiefs and ID cards, and they were acting out various superhero roles like Spiderman and Batman. The devotee found the incident to be very amusing, and it reminded them of their own childhood. They thanked Sai Baba for bringing them this moment of joy and for reminding them to be childlike and carefree.

The devotee realized that the soul is inherently filled with happiness, as Lord Krishna said, “Atma is sat chit ananda”. However, people often seek happiness outside themselves. Sai Baba teaches that happiness is within, and that one should always remain happy despite life’s challenges. For everyone has problems, and there is no one on earth who is without them.

As the devotee stopped at a traffic signal near IIM Char Rasta in Ahmedabad, he noticed a group of blind children from the Blind Men’s Association playing and laughing with each other. The children, holding sticks in their hands, seemed to be completely immersed in their own world of joy and happiness. The sight of these children laughing in the face of adversity made the devotee realize that true happiness comes from within, and not from external factors. Despite their physical disabilities, these children were able to find immense joy in their lives, which was truly inspiring for the devotee.

The devotee was amazed to see how the blind children of Blind Mens Association near IIM Char Rasta in Ahmedabad were enjoying their lives. Despite their disability, they were playing with each other, laughing heartily, and wearing innocent expressions on their faces. The devotee was moved by their pure character and big hearts, which had washed away all their sorrows and pains. He tried to close one eye to see how it feels like, and was shocked to realize that half of the world was gone. The experience made him emotional and grateful to Sai Baba for giving him the gift of sight. The devotee realized that the blind children were also children of Sai Baba and that they too had the capacity to be happy despite their circumstances.

The devotee had a realization that Sai Baba’s presence can be felt everywhere and every moment, in the form of the body, parents, etc. Later, while working in a research center, the results of a main trial were out of limit, and the boss humiliated the devotee in front of everyone. Despite feeling upset, the devotee kept chanting “Sai Sai Sai” in their mind and tried not to let the boss’s rude behavior affect them. However, the constant roaring in the mind made it difficult to concentrate on work. The upcoming appraisal added to the stress. The devotee reminded themselves of their goal in life, which was to increase their devotion to Sai, not to listen to negativity and demoralize themselves. They realized that negative experiences won’t matter in the long run, but chanting Sai’s name would. Thus, they continued their work with utmost care and chanted Sai’s name to stay focused.

After a few hours of working at the research center, the devotee’s boss came to him and apologized for the earlier outburst, admitting that the results were actually perfect after recalculating and reanalyzing. The devotee felt deep relief and thanked Sai Baba for His blessings. This incident made him realize the importance of constantly saying “Sai Sai” as Baba had promised that doing so would alleviate all difficulties.

Later that day, the devotee received a call from a friend who wanted to visit an old age home and donate some items. The devotee had never visited that place before and was curious to see it. Upon arrival, he noticed the gloomy faces of the elderly residents, many of whom were victims of neglect and abuse by their own children. Two old people sat silently on a bench, lost in the pain of their past, while another struggled to walk with a stick, his body slightly bent as if he might fall any moment. The incharge of the old age home and the stories of the residents made the devotee and his friend feel emotional and heartbroken.

After spending a few hours at work, the devotee’s boss approached and apologized for any confusion caused earlier, explaining that the results were actually perfect after recalculating and re-analyzing. The devotee’s heart, which had been in their throat, returned to its normal position and they felt a deep sense of relief. Thanking Sai for the outcome, they recalled the words of Sai Baba, “If you say Sai Sai always, then all your difficulties will be over.”

That evening, the devotee was planning on visiting Sai’s temple again, as there were beautiful bhajans being sung every Thursday. However, they received a call from a friend asking for a donation to an old age home. Though they had never visited the home before, the devotee was keen to go. When they arrived, they saw the sad and gloomy faces of the elderly residents. Two aged persons sat silently on a bench, lost in their grief and pain. Another elderly person slowly walked with a stick in hand, their body slightly bent as if they would fall without support. These sights deeply touched the devotee, who had always enjoyed their youth and never experienced such difficulties.

As the devotee chatted with the incharge of the old age home, they heard the heartbreaking stories of the elderly residents, many of whom were victims of their own children’s cruel behavior. One aged couple, in particular, recounted their past experiences, which left the devotee deeply moved. They had always loved and cared for their son, providing him with an education from a well-reputed school and supporting him through his graduation and post-graduation. However, after he got married, everything changed. The son and his wife began abusing the aged couple for minor mistakes, and the daily chores and shopping fell to the mother-in-law. The couple was not allowed to touch or play with their grandchild and were subjected to daily verbal and mental abuse, sometimes even denied food. Despite all of this, the couple suffered in silence, enduring their son’s cruel behavior for a long time. Eventually, the son threw them out of their house after forging their signatures, and they were forced to seek refuge in the old age home.

As the aged couple finished their story, they started crying, and the devotee could see the pain, agony, and frustration etched on their innocent and helpless faces. Many of the elderly residents had similar negative experiences, and though they appeared to be living “happily” together in the old age home, their hearts were still burdened with sorrow. The devotee gave a donation and bid farewell to all the residents as they gathered in a large hall to watch heartwarming and stress-relieving TV serials. The lesson the devotee learned from this experience was to always care for one’s parents, as they are the living and visible forms of Sai Baba and precious gifts from him. If one neglects such a gift, Sai’s blessings may not be there, even if one always utters “Sai Sai.” The devotee believed that the son and his wife would face similar treatment when they grew old, as the rule of karma is that what goes around, comes around, and no one can escape its consequences.

Therefore, it is always essential to cultivate good karma and perform good deeds so that one may reap a bright future. By constantly chanting “Sai Sai,” one is guaranteed to reach the destination at the lotus feet of the Sai Lord. The devotee went to Sai’s Temple and upon entering, they were greeted with the beautiful sound of a famous song, “Thoda dhyaan laga, Thoda dhyaan laga, Sai daude daude aaenge, Thoda dhyaan laga, Thoda dhyaan laga, Sai daude daude aaenge aur tuje gale se lagaenge.” The devotee became absorbed in listening to this song and other devotional songs of Sai Baba. They could see the radiant glow emanating from Sai Baba’s idol.

The devotee reflects on the divine and pure environment of Sai Temple, where every Thursday, devotees gather to receive Sai Baba’s blessings. The bhajan mandli sings beautiful and famous songs such as “Thoda dhyaan laga” and “Sai Meri Raksha karna,” which fills every devotee with happiness and absorption in Sai Baba. The devotee observes the emotions of the devotees, some crying from the bottom of their hearts, and some happy with their eyes closed. In this beautiful divine environment, the devotee feels the presence of Sai Baba everywhere, dancing beautifully with the bhajans and smiling, placing UDI and flying UDI on every devotee. The peace is palpable, and the devotee feels happy to have experienced Sai’s presence throughout the day. The devotee concludes that Sai is everywhere in the universe, and all children of God have different tastes. Thus, Sai blesses each person differently based on their preferences, such as miracles for those who like to go outside India.

The devotee had a beautiful experience at the Sai Temple on Thursday. The environment was pure and divine, and Sai Baba’s blessings were showered on everyone. The devotee heard the famous song “Sai Meri Raksha Karna” being sung and saw many devotees fully absorbed in devotion to Sai Baba. Some cried, while others smiled with their eyes closed. The devotee felt Sai Baba’s presence everywhere and saw Sai Baba dancing beautifully with the bhajans and placing UDI on every devotee.

The devotee felt immense happiness and believed that Sai Baba was everywhere in the universe. The devotee also realized that different devotees have different preferences, and Sai Baba blesses them accordingly. Some prefer to visit Shirdi, while others are blessed outside India in the form of miracles. The devotee believed that wherever a Sai bhakt is, Shirdi is there.

After returning home, the devotee thought about Sai Baba and imagined the intimacy of his most devoted followers, Mhalsapati and Tatya Kote Patil. These two devotees slept with Sai Baba for many years in the Masjid, with their heads towards different directions and their feet touching in the center. They chatted and played with each other, even at night time. Sai Baba would sometimes wake Tatya Kote Patil and give him gentle and hard patting on his back and stomach. Tatya Kote Patil would wake up in a half-sleep state and tell Sai Baba not to disturb him. The devotee found this play of God with his devotees beautiful and divine.

The devotee was deeply happy with closed eyes, watching a mental vision of Sai Baba playing with his devotees. The play was cute and pure, and the devotee couldn’t help but feel satisfied. Mhalsipati and Tatya Kote Patil were privileged to sleep with Sai Baba for many years in the Masjid. They slept with their heads towards east, west, and north and their feet touching each other at the center. Sai Baba and the two devotees chit-chatted with each other, gossiped, and even played together. If Tatya Kote Patil snored while sleeping, Sai Baba would wake him up and pat him gently or hard on his back and stomach. Tatya Kote Patil would wake up in half sleep and say in a cute and innocent way, “Please let me sleep, Baba, and don’t disturb me. I am in deep sleep.” The play was beautiful, divine, and unexplainable.

The devotee felt so much mental peace after watching the play of Sai Baba with his intimate devotees. He imagined playing with Sai Baba and sleeping with Him, feeling that it would be unimaginable happiness. If merely watching the play could make him so happy, then how much more joyful would it be to play with Sai Baba? The devotee was sure that others would also feel this mental peace after watching this great and pure play of Sai God with His intimate devotees.

The devotee felt overwhelmed by the mental picture of Sai Baba’s Chavdi procession. The procession took place in a beautifully decorated masjid where a large number of devotees gathered. Sai Baba, with a radiant smile on his face, distributed UDI to everyone present, addressing each of them by name. The devotees were thrilled to receive the holy UDI from Sai Baba’s hand. After this, everyone eagerly waited for Sai Baba to come out of the masjid for the Chavdi procession.

A magnificent horse named Shyamsundar was waiting impatiently for Sai Baba outside the masjid. The entire masjid was adorned with bright divas, and firecrackers were bursting everywhere. The scene was breathtakingly beautiful, and the sky was illuminated with the reflection of the Masjid’s bright lights. The devotees cheered and danced to the loud music, shouting “Sai Baba ki jai” repeatedly. The atmosphere was filled with the divine energy, and the devotees threw gulal in the air, adding colors to the already divine situation.

Sai Baba slowly made his way out of the masjid, taking small steps with the support of his intimate devotees Mhalsipati and Tatya kote patil on his left and right side. Sai Baba was the center of attention, attracting everyone’s attention, and his face was radiant, emitting divine vibrations. The devotee felt overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the scene and wished they could have been there to witness it in person.

The devotee felt a deep sense of divinity and forgot all their personal troubles, sorrows, and expectations. They felt a mental happiness and bliss that could not be obtained from material possessions. The devotee reflected on the teachings of Sai and how they had a magical effect on their thoughts and state of mind. However, they couldn’t help but wonder about the source of their problems. The devotee recounted the various tensions they had experienced in their life, such as choosing a career path, exam stress, family problems, job tensions, and the pressure of finding a life partner. They realized that the list of potential problems was endless and that they could not escape them.

The devotee had a moment of realization and self-reflection as they pondered over their life’s problems and tensions. They realized that these tensions were all self-created and not from God. They questioned themselves whether they were born on this earth just to experience these tensions. They felt guilty for not having enough time for Sai Baba and not having pure devotion towards Him. The devotee realized that if they were a true devotee of Sai Baba, they should not be remembering these tensions. They acknowledged that their constant focus on problems was selfish and they should instead focus on their devotion and bhakti towards Sai. They understood that life is short and worrying about problems was of no use.

Life is a precious gift from Sai Baba, and as a devotee, one should not waste it by harboring hate in their heart. Death can come at any time, and it is essential to understand Sai and His teachings to live a fulfilled life. The devastating earthquake that struck Ahmedabad and Gujarat on January 26, 2001, claimed thousands of lives, and it is a reminder that we can leave this world at any moment. Thus, one should enjoy every moment of their life and laugh to the fullest while chanting Sai Baba’s name.

The author realized that they and all devotees had the opportunity to take Sai Baba’s darshan every day and night in their past lives when they lived in Shirdi. This fact is evident from Sai Baba’s words, “No one meets or remembers anyone unless they have Bandhu.” The love that devotees have for Sai Baba in this life is due to the deep connection they share with Him from the heart, a bond that transcends lifetimes. Sai Baba loves His devotees more than they love Him, and it is an assurance that He will take care of them in every birth. Therefore, the author realized that this life is an excellent opportunity to do bhakti with pure love and devotion towards Sai Baba.

As a devotee, they realized that the secret to living a fulfilled life is to always have Sai Baba in mind. Simply saying his name is enough to bring his blessings and his beautiful smile to their face. They had always wondered how Sai Baba’s teachings and images kept coming to their mind, but now they knew that it was because he wanted them to live with the feeling of his presence. With this realization, they found peace even amidst their problems. This mental bliss surpassed any other happiness they had experienced that day, be it the love of their mother, the innocent laughter of the handicapped couple, or the pure-heartedness of the blind children. The devotee knew that it would be a struggle to implement Sai Baba’s teachings perfectly in their daily life, but they were determined to do so and make every day feel like a Thursday, blessed by Sai Baba’s grace. They wished for his blessings to be showered upon everyone.

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