Through Sai’s Eyes: A Devotee’s Quest for the Absolute


This post captures a heartfelt conversation between the beloved Sathguru Sai Baba and a devoted seeker. The devotee is curious about the Absolute and engages in a dialogue with Sai Baba, seeking answers and guidance. The exchange delves into profound questions about existence, and Sai Baba imparts wisdom in response. It’s a touching interaction that explores the depths of spirituality and the quest for understanding the Absolute.

Quest for the Absolute – Quenched Through Sai’s Eyes

Beneath the shade of Shirdi’s ancient peepal tree, a heart brimming with questions nestled near the radiant presence of Sathguru Sai Baba. The setting sun cast golden hues upon their faces, weaving a tapestry of light and wisdom.

Devotee: Sai, my mind grapples with the vastness of existence. Why does this grand spectacle unfold? Why are we here, amidst galaxies and dust, amidst laughter and tears?

Sai Baba: (Smiling with eyes that crinkled at the corners) Ah, child, these are questions that have echoed through eons, whispered by starlit winds and the beating of every human heart.

Devotee: But surely, Baba, you who hold the wisdom of the cosmos, can offer a glimpse, a thread to unravel the mystery?

Sai Baba: Knowledge, my child, is not a possession to be bestowed, but a seed to be nurtured within. Look within, at the very spark of your being, the “I am” that dances in every atom.

Devotee: The “I am,” Sai? But is that not just my fleeting consciousness, confined to this fragile vessel of flesh and bone?

Sai Baba: Look deeper, child. The “I am” is not just yours, it is the song of the universe, the melody that pulsates in every blade of grass, every twinkling star. It is the echo of the absolute, the source from which all existence flows.

Devotee: But how can I, a speck in this cosmic ocean, ever grasp the immensity of the absolute?

Sai Baba: You don’t, child. You become it. Open your heart to the silence within, the space where questions dissolve and wonder thrives. In that stillness, you may not find answers, but you will find belonging, an oneness with the very breath of existence.

Devotee: Can this “oneness” exist alongside the diversity of the world, the joy and the sorrow, the laughter and the tears?

Sai Baba: As petals bloom on a single stem, diversity thrives within the unity of being. Just as your “I am” dances with the vast cosmic “I am,” so too, do all beings, from the sunlit eagle to the earthbound worm, share in this grand symphony of existence.

Devotee: Baba, your words wash over me like a divine spring, dissolving the knots of doubt.

Sai Baba: Remember, child, the journey towards the absolute is not a path, but a dance. Embrace the mystery, trust the whispers of your “I am,” and surrender to the rhythm of existence. And above all, let love be your compass, for it is the truest reflection of the divine within.

As the last rays of the sun dipped below the horizon, the devotee rose, eyes filled with newfound peace. The quest for the absolute, although never fully answered, had transformed into a dance of understanding, a silent melody resonating within the core of their being. And in the heart of Shirdi, under the watchful gaze of Sai Baba, the journey continued, echoing through the whispers of the wind and the beating of every awakened soul.


As we embark on the journey into the new year, may the teachings and blessings of Sathguru Sai Baba guide us with unwavering light and wisdom. May the path ahead be filled with moments of profound understanding, love, and oneness. Wishing all devotees a joyous and spiritually enriching New Year, marked by the serenity of Shirdi and the transformative power of divine grace. May the coming year bring peace, fulfillment, and a deeper connection with the absolute truth. Happy New Year!

Image Courtesy: Sai Baba Images

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  1. I was very happy seeing the reply because it is the very essence of the post and you got it perfectly. Even if one reader understands the message of the post we feel our job given by Baba is done. Thanks for commenting and do keep visiting us, Sai Baba 🙏

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