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Hetal Patil

A Lady took away Sai Baba’s Legs

Shirdi Sai Baba’s method of giving blessings was quite unique. To some He gave darshan in dream, to some He gave darshan in any other form, to some He specially called Shirdi. The fact that if we worship Sai Baba…

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The Re-Construction of Gurusthan

“An old lady of Shirdi, Nana Chopdar’s mother often talked about the marvel of Baba’s life that this fair, generously built and handsome lad, in the beginning, was first sighted, calmly seated in deep meditation under a Neem tree.” When…

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Shirdi Sai Baba appears as a beggar

We are human beings. Our mind is surprised by the various deeds of the saints. But the saints consider all their deeds as normal. The things which are beyond our understanding and reach, we called them as miracles. Saints do…

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