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Sai Baba Tested by Offering Apple

As said in the last post, here we continue with the story of Vamanrao Patel’s father Prangovinddas and his relative Sakarlal. Prangovinddas’s difficulty to eat solid substances was solved by Sai Baba by sending Shira for him at the time…

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Sai Baba knows Devotees Inner Feelings

In the year 1904, Vamanrao Patel was of 15 years. He lived in Matunga with his father. At that time Prakashanandji Maharaj was hosted by one of his devotees. Vamanrao and his younger brother Vaikunthrao used to press Maharaj’s legs…

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Shirdi Sai Baba and Vamanrao

Sai Baba is helper of His devotees, nothing could be compared to Him, Bhakti of Sai Baba cannot be ranked on any scale of the world. Maya cant tease any Bhakta of Sai Baba, in whose heart Sai Baba resides.…

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