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Dasganu Maharaj’s Confusion On Isha Upnishad

We have read in Sai Satcharitra about Dasganu Maharaj's query on a shloka of Isha Upnishad, the chapter talks about the complex nature of the literature and how Dasganu had taken up the task and goes to Baba for clarification regarding a verse in it. In this post, the verse has been shared and what teaching Baba wanted to impart is discussed.
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Dasganu Maharaj’s Kirtan Brings Laxmichand To Shirdi

Dasganu quit his job as a police officer and became a messenger of Sai Baba. Wherever he went he will talk and sing about Him. He traveled to many places to spread Baba's name and fame. Dasganu Maharaj's kirtan gave birth to curiosity about Baba and Shirdi in the minds and hearts of the audience. One of such devotee was Lala Laxmichand, let us see how he reached Shirdi.
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