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Why is Guru Necessary on Spiritual Path

On this sacred occasion of Gurupoornima, let us reflect on the profound wisdom shared by Sai Baba and the Bhagavad Gita. Embrace the significance of having a Guru in our lives to guide us on the path of self-realization and liberation from the effects of Karma. 🙏 Approach a spiritual master with reverence and humility. 🤔 Seek answers to your questions and doubts about life and spirituality. 🤝 Render selfless service to your Guru, for they hold the key to true knowledge and wisdom. 💡 Let the light of the Guru's teachings illuminate your journey towards enlightenment and self-discovery. May this Gurupoornima be a turning point in your spiritual quest, as you forge a deeper connection with your Guru and embark on a transformative path towards liberation and self-realization. Happy Gurupoornima! 🌟🙏
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Understanding Karma: Insights from Sai Baba’s Teachings

Sai Baba has provided us with many hints to write on this topic, emphasizing the importance of understanding Karma as His devoted followers. It is a science that holds significance for us in terms of self-realization. Our Sai Baba took an avatar in Shirdi to guide us toward comprehending the ultimate purpose of our human birth. His purpose was not only to alleviate our sufferings but to eradicate their root causes as well. Sai Baba's compassion is boundless, as He willingly took upon Himself the sufferings of humanity to demonstrate His profound love for us. His goal is to show us the path to liberation, making it imperative for all of us to grasp the concept of Karma. This vast subject can be best understood when shared in smaller portions. In this initial segment, we will delve into the importance of understanding Karma.
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