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Perfect Way To Do Naam Jaap

There is no hard and fast rule to do Naam Jaap. However still many are hesitant to think and brood over the question "How to do Naam Jaap perfectly". Bringing out the answer and gest of the topic in this post with the start of the series "Sai Prashnavali"
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Naam Saptah & Naam Jaap Series II

A lot has been shared about Naam Jaap which turned into Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap, let’s move forward with level 2 of this venture. Kindly go through detailed write up by Sai Sister Pooja.., Naamsaptah And Naamjaap Series II Dixit…

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Sunday is Naam Jaap Day for Kids

Previous Post in Naam Jaap Series: Chant “Sai Sai” – The Simplest Sadhna of Kaliyug The First Indication for Naam Jaap to Sai Devotee Rakhi The Final Verdict for Naam Jaap to Sai Devotee Rakhi The First Sai Naam Jaap…

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