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Holi Celebrations In Shirdi

The post highlights Sai Baba's beliefs regarding nourishment and moderation in diet for overall physical and mental health. It narrates the story of Mrs. Gokhale, who visited Baba with the intention of fasting but was instructed to prepare a meal for Dadabhat's family and herself instead. The story emphasizes the importance of nourishing the body to be able to pursue spiritual practices and the value of generosity and selflessness. It also describes the vibrant and joyous celebration of Holi and Rangpanchami in Shirdi in 1911, where Sai Baba participated with great enthusiasm, donning colorful attire. The celebration left a lasting impression on all those who were fortunate enough to be a part of it. Additionally, the article tells the story of Tarabai Takhand, whose tender heart couldn't bear to see a young goat suffering in the intense heat of the day, emphasizing the importance of compassion and responsibility towards all living creatures.
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