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Shri Ram Raksha Stotra: Significance and Benefits of Parayan on Ramnavami

Ram Raksha Stotra is a powerful prayer dedicated to Lord Rama that has been recited for centuries to seek his divine protection and blessings. This article explores the spiritual significance of Ram Raksha Stotra and the benefits of reciting it during Ramnavami, one of the most auspicious occasions in the Hindu calendar and one of the major festivals celebrated in Shirdi. Discover how this sacred hymn can help you overcome obstacles and achieve success in all aspects of your life, while fostering a deeper connection with the divine.
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Sai Baba gives Darshan as Lord Rama

In the year 1911 Mankar was Kopergaon’s mamlatdar. He had strong devotion towards Sai Baba. He came in close contact with Dr. Sitaram. Dr. Sitaram was staunch devotee of Lord Rama Mankar, many a times, used to talk about Baba…

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