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Sai Kasht Nivaran Mantra – Mantra for Protection, Peace and Prosperity (Hindi Lyrics)



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In this post I have posted lyrics of Sai Kast Nivaran Mantra in Hindi which is said to be very powerful to ward off dangers. It lyrics are simple and each devotee can relate it one’s own condition or situation. As the mantra is written in Hindi language I am sharing with you all in its original form and print outs can be taken for reading daily.

Before proceeding further I want to share my own experience regarding this mantra with you all. The main aim to share my experience with you is to make you all aware of the power and importance of this mantra. When we went to Shirdi during last Diwali (November 2008) my mother bought it. She now reads it daily. Once or twice I had also read it and I loved the lyrics of the mantra. I dont know who has written it but after reading it I was quite sure that the poet must have got good experiences of Sai Baba and so he could compose such a great work.It was rightly said by Sai Baba in Sai Satcharitra Chapter 17 to Mrs. Tendulkar regarding her son who was to appear for medical examination, Tell your son to believe in Me, to throw aside horoscopes and predictions of astrologers and palmists and go on with his studies. Let him appear for the examination with a calm mind, he is sure to pass this year. Ask him to trust in Me and not to get disappointed. The last two lines perfectly fit me and the situation which I went through.I am pursuing MBA distance learning from Pune. In February 2008 I had exams of first semester. As it is distance learning course there is no examination center in my town. The centre is only at Ahmedabad. So I had go to Ahmedabad to appear for exams. In this university the students have the freedom to give exams at their own convenient time and convenient day. So I decided to give exams for six subjects in six days a week to avoid gaps in my work. But Sai Baba was behind me and I did not get dates for continuous six subjects except for three subjects which were comparatively easy for me and for the remaining subjects which I found a bit difficult I got gaps. For this I thanked Him when I faced difficulty in completing the syllabus. Out of three consecutive subjects, for the first two I did well. On the day before the third exam I was exhausted due to continuous up down to Ahmedabad for two day and I was not sure whether I would be able to complete the revision of syllabus. With Baba’s grace I could complete it well in time. But I was unaware that there was something unusual and unexpected reserved for me.

Unlike other exams that day my mother accompanied me as my father got stuck in some urgent and important work. As said earlier it was my mother’s practice to read Sai Kasht Nivaran Mantra daily. That day in hurry she could not complete her regular reading so she took the small book with her. She planned to read it when I would be in examination hall for one hour.

After praying mentally to Sai Baba for helping me in my exam I started. When the questions appeared before me it seemed to be out of the blue. I was completely blank. In panic I forgot answers of those questions which were known to me. As it was objective tpye exam all the four options seemed to be the best possible answer. It was in a fix. Somehow I answered the questions and completed my exam with a fear of failing. Meanwhile my mother completed 9 readings of Sai Kasht Nivaran Mantra.

The minimum passing marks were 50 and I did not accept to get at least the minimum. When I informed this to my mother, she at once took a vow to complete 108 readings of Sai Kasht Nivaran Mantra in 12 days i.e. 9 readings per day and offer a rose garland and coconut to Sai Baba. Of course her reading of 1 day was completed there and then only. She consoled me and encouraged me to concentrate on the other remaining subjects. I did so and she also completed her reading. But deep within my heart I was afraid of failing. Right from beginning I had good academic record and now to pass a backlog subject will be very difficult for me. I did not know what to do. After few days I came to know that the questions were asked from old syllabus by mistake. As per the exam schedule I gave my exams in the very first month only and the mistake was rectified for next month examinations. This made more disappointed as the university is not generous in giving grace marks even if the fault is from their side.

In March 2008, the results were declared. I was restless from morning. But what would happen to the children of Sai Baba? No difficulty, no calamity shall befall on them. To my surprise I passed with good marks in that subject with 62 marks and with overall 70% marks which was again unexpected. I thanked my Beloved Sai Baba who made this possible for me. We have heard a saying that if we dont study anything and just pray to God, God will not help us. This is totally opposite in case of Sai Baba. If any student is reading this please dont take it otherwise. I mean to say that if you put little effort in your studies, you can see Sai Baba standing with helping hands in front of you.

Another point which came to my mind is this happened about four months ago and I would have posted it earlier. The reasons are best known to Sai Baba that why this incident was not posted till today and was reserved to be posted along with this mantra.

Now I come to the main point of the post. The mantra begins with – Shri Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

कष्टों की काली छाया दुःख दाई है

जीवन में घोर उदासी लाई है

संकट को तालो साईं दुहाई है

तेर सिवा ना कोई सहाई है

मेरे मन तेरी मूरत समाई है

हर पल हर क्षण महिमा गई है

घर मेरे कष्टों की अंधी आई है

आपने क्यों मेरी सुध भुलाई है

तुम भोले नाथ हो दया निधान हो

तुम हनुमान हो महा बलवान हो

तुम्ही हो राम और तुम्ही श्याम हो

सारे जगत में तुम सबसे महान हो

तुम्ही महाकाली तुम्ही माँ शारदे

करता हु प्रार्थना भव से तार दे

तुम्ही मोहमद हो गरीब निवाज हो

नानक की वाणी में ईसा के साथ हो

तुम्ही दिगंबर तुम्ही कबीर हो

हो बुध्ध तुम्ही और महावीर हो

सारे जगत का तुम्ही आधार हो

निराकार भी और साकार हो

करता हु वंदना प्रेम विश्वास से

सुनो साईं अल्लाह के वास्ते

अधरों में मेरे नहीं मुस्कान है

घर मेरा बनने लगा स्मशान है

रेहेम नज़र करो उझदे वीरान पे

जिंदगी सवरेगी एक वरदान से

पापो की धुप से तन लगा हारने

आपका ये दास लगा पुकारने

अपने सदा ही लाज बचाई है

देर न हो जाए मन शंकाई है

धीरे धीरे धीरज ही खोता है

मन में बसा विश्वास ही रोता है

मेरी कल्पना साकार कर दो

सुनी जिंदगी में रंग भर दो

ढोते ढोते पापो का भर जिंदगी से

मैं हार गया जिंदगी से

नाथ अवगुण अब तो बिसारो

कष्टों की लहर से आके उबारो

करता हु पाप मैं पापो की खान हु

ज्ञानी तुम ज्ञानेश्वर मैं अज्ञान हु

करता हु पग पग पर पापो की भूल मैं

तार दो जीवन ये चरणों की धुल से

तुमने उजड़ा हुआ घर बसाया

पानी से दीपक भी तुमने जलाया

तुमने ही शिर्डी को धाम बनाया

छोटे गाँव में स्वर्ग सजाया

कष्ट पाप श्राप उतारो

प्रेम दया दृष्टि से निहारो

आप का दास हु ऐसे न टालिए

गिरने लगा हु साईं संभालिये

साइजी बालक मैं अनाथ हु

तेरे भरोसे रहता दिन रात हु

जैसा भी हु, हु तो आपका

कीजे निवारण मेरे संताप का

तू है सवेरा और मैं रात हु

मेल नहीं कोई फिर भी साथ हु

साईं मुझसे मुख न मोडो

बिच मजधार अकेला न छोडो

आपके चरणों में बसे प्राण है

तेरे वचन मेरे गुरु सामान है

आपकी रहो पे चलता दास है

ख़ुशी नहीं कोई जीवन उदास है

आंसू की धरा है डूबता किनारा

जिंदगी में दर्द नहीं गुजारा

लगाया चमन तो फोल खिलाओ

फूल खिले हैं तो खुशबु भी लाओ

कर दो इशारा तो बात बन जाये

जो किस्मत में नहीं वो मिल जाये

बिता ज़माना ये गाके फ़साना

सरहदे जिंदगी मौत का तराना

देर हो गयी है अँधेरे न हो

फ़िक्र मिले लेकिन फरेब न हो

देके तालो या दमन बचा लो

हिलने लगी रघुनाई संभालो

तेरे दम पे अल्लाह की शान है

सूफी संतो का ये बयान है

गरीब की झोली में भर दो खजाना

ज़माने के वाली करो न बहाना

दर के भिखारी हैं मोहताज है हम

शहंशाहे आलम करो कुछ करम

तेरे खजाने में अल्लाह की रहमत

तुम सद्गुरु हो समर्थ

आए तो धरती पे देने सहारा

करने लगे क्यूँ हम से किनारा

जब तक ये ब्रह्माण्ड रहेगा

साईं तेरा नाम रहेगा

चाँद तारे तुम्हे पुकारेंगे

जन्मो जनम हम रास्ता निहारेंगे

आत्मा बदलेगी चोले हज़ार

हम मिलते रहेंगे हार बार

आपके कदमो में बैठे रहेंगे

दुखडे दिल के कहते रहेंगे

आपके मरज़ी है दो या न दो

हम तो कहेंगे दमन भी भर दो

तुम हो दाता हम है भिखारी

सुनते नहीं क्यूँ अरज हमारी

अच्छा चलो एक बात बता दो

क्या नहीं तुम्हारे पास बता दो

जो नहीं देना है इन्कार कर दो

ख़त्म ये आपस की तकरार कर दो

लौट के खली चला जाऊंगा

फिर भी गुण तेरे गाऊंगा

जब तक काया है तब तक माया हैं

इसी में दुखों का मूल समय हैं

सब कुछ जान के अनजान हु मैं

अल्लाह की तू शान तेरी हु शान मैं

तेरा करम सदा सबपे रहेगा

ये चक्र युग युग चलता रहेगा

जो प्राणी जायेगा साईं तेरो नाम

उसको मिले मुक्ति पुह्चे परम धाम

ये मंत्र जो प्राणी नित गायेंगे

राहू, केतु, शनि निकट न आएंगे

टल जायेंगे संकट सारे

घर में दास वास करे सुख सारे

जो श्रद्धा से करेगा पठन

उस परे देव सभी हो प्रसन्न

रोग समूह नष्ट हो जायेंगे

कष्ट निवारण मंत्र जो गायेंगे

पल में दूर हो सब पाप

जो ये पुस्तक नित दिन बाचे

लक्ष्मीजी घर उसके सदा बिराजे

ज्ञान बुद्धि प्राणी वो पायेगा

कष्ट निवारण में जो ध्यायेगा

ये मंत्र भक्तो कमल करेगा

आई जो अनहोनी तो टाल देगा

भूत-प्रेत भी रहेंगे दूर

इस मंत्र में साईं शक्ति भरपूर

जपते रहे जो मंत्र अगर

जादू टोना भी हो बेअसर

इस मंत्र में सब गुण समाये

न हो बरोसा तो आजमाए

ये मंत्र साईं बचन ही जानो

स्वयं अमल कर सत्य पहचानो

संशय न लाना विश्वास जगाना

ये मंत्र सुखो का है खजाना

इस पुस्तक में साईं का वास

साईं दया से ही लिख पाया दास

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. One line missing between these two lines:-
    कष्ट निवारण मंत्र जो गायेंगे
    <<< chinta harega nivaran jaap >>>
    पल में दूर हो सब पाप

  2. Those who want to copy paste the above mantra should copy from the blog and when they paste in Microsoft Word the font used is Arial Unicode MS

  3. jab se sai meri zindagi mein aaye meri duniya badal gayi.
    luv u tons mere kripa dhan,mere sai!!!!

  4. Shri Sai Baba alaways helped me and given solution to each and every problem I have faced.

    Om Sainath Sharnam mamah


  6. do you have a downloadable mp3 file of Sai Kasht Nivaran mantra. i want to download on my mobile. also, I am searching for Shri Sai Bavni

    Jai Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram


  8. mani ne aj is mantra ka jap kiya hai saikasht nivaran mantra

    jai sai baba suneel singh ke parivar ke upar kripakaro

    mobile no:-7828493011

  9. Thanks for mantra…..I have just only one thing which I consider is mine and that is my baba…all other relations are after baba….may baba always keep me with him! Baba please never leave your kids alone….

  10. jai sai ram

    sai ki kripa meine baar baar mahsoos ki hai…
    specially sai satcharitra to padte hi…sankat door hua…
    iska jeevant udaaharan mei hoon..

    jai sai ram.

  11. Baba hamesha sath diya har mushkil se bachaya aaj ku sath nhi de rahe ho… aap jante ho jo hua usme meri kya galti thi sai… aaj zindagi aur maut ka sawaal hai sai… kripa karo sai… bohot zarurat hai… kuch rasta do jaha se me iss financial problem se nikal saku

    Om sai ram…

  12. Great work Hetal mam…
    I read this every Thursday….Sai Ram…
    Thank You Baba for your blessings.

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