Shirdi Sai Speaks – Teachings for April

Shirdi Sai Speaks - Teachings for April
With Sai Baba’s immense grace and blessings, i will be presenting teachings from Shirdi Sai Speaks for the month of April in this post. At the end of the post are pictures of Shirdi Sai Speaks for first four days of August month and download link of all pictures at one go. Picture are zipped in folder. After downloading the folder, ‘right click’ it and select ‘Extract to 04Apr’ to unzip all the pictures.

1 Gain and loss, birth and death, are in the hands of God. But how blindly people forget God!
2 Get on cheerfully with your wordly activities, but do not forget God. Always remember Him.
3 Serve Me with love and devotion, and you will get eternal happiness.
4 How can he, whose mind is engrossed in progeny and prosperity, expect to realise the Brahma without removing attachment from these?
5 A greedy man can never attain dispassion and salvation.
6 Have faith and confidence in your Guru. Believe firmly that the Guru is the sole Actor or Doer.
7 He who attains the Supreme Goal of life becomes immortal and happy; all others merely exist.
8 If anyone does any evil unto you, do not retaliate.
9 He who trusts Me entirely and does not think of anything else is sure to attain self-realisation.
10 How cunning the people are! They fall at the feet, offer dakshina, but inwardly abuses.
11 If you can do something, do some good unto others.
12 He who surrenders himself at the feet of Hari (God) will be freed from all troubles, and will attain bliss.
13 He who takes refuge in Dwarkamai will soon get health and happiness, and his sufferings will come to an end.
14 God is most merciful. I am merely His servant. Remember Him always.
15 Destroying ignorance is jnana.
16 Be honest in all your dealings.
17 He, who loves me most, always sees Me.
18 He, who comes to Me, becomes one with Me, just as a river flows to the sea and becomes merged (one) with it.
19 It is Me and Me alone, who pervades everything.
20 How often in the past births have I been with you and in how many more shall I be! We shall meet again and again.
21 Have consideration for the poor and the wretched.
22 If a man utters My name with love, I shall fulfill all his wishes.
23 If a man sings earnestly My life and My deeds, I shall always protect him from all sides.
24 It is My desire to free any person who surrenders to Me, worships Me and meditates on Me.
25 I shall draw out My devotees from the jaws of death.
26 If you listen to my stories, all your sufferings will vanish.
27 I am the Inner Ruler of all and seated in their hearts.
28 I envelope all the creatures, the moveable and the immovable world.
29 I am the Controller – the wire-puller of the show of this universe.
30 I am the origin of all beings – the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer.

Shirdi Sai Speaks – April Month Pictures Click Here to Download

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