Shirdi Sai Speaks – Teachings for June

Shirdi Sai Speaks - Teachings for June

With Sai Baba’s immense grace and blessings, i will be presenting teachings from Shirdi Sai Speaks for the month of June in this post. At the end of the post is Shirdi Sai Speaks download link of all pictures at one go. Picture are zipped in folder. After downloading the folder, ‘right click’ it and select ‘Extract to 06June’ to unzip all the pictures.

1 I only ask and take from him whom the God points out.
2 If wealth is used only for personal enjoyment, it is wasted.
3 I always think of him who remembers Me.
4 I run and manifest Myself to the one who lovingly calls Me.
5 I would never be untrue to My words.
6 I am sitting here ready to give you the whole of My knowledge. Then why should you go elsewhere?
7 I draw My men to Me from far off or even across seven seas, like a sparrow with a string fastened to its feet.
8 You should be blessed when you will renounce all attachments, conquer lust and serve God.
9 I feel indebted to him who surrenders completely to Me and forever remembers Me.
10 I am dependent on him who does not eat without first offering it to Me. If you practise this, you will attain oneness with Me.
11 See the Divine in human beings.
12 His remembrance drives aways sins, afflications and distress.
13 Remove Agyana (ignorance), what remains will be Perfect Gyana (enlightenment).
14 If anyone utters ten words at us, let us answer with one word, if we reply at all.
15 Remember Him lovingly. He will come to your rescue in the time of trouble.
16 If profit comes, they rejoice. If loss comes they weep. Why? Why say “This is mine”? What does it mean?.
17 I am Myself a devotee of God though people worship Me. I remember God.
18 I say things here. There they happen.
19 If others hate us, let us simply take to “naamjapa” and avoid them.
20 If you avoid rivalry and bickering, God will protect you.
21 If you have noting to give say politely. Do not mock or ridicule, nor get angry with others.
22 I do not expect anything from devotees but remembrance, faith and devotion.
23 I have to give an account of every action of yours to God.
24 I will not forget you. I will always remember you even if you are miles away.
25 I live with everyone. All are mine.
26 It is all God’s play. He Himself cures. Why should we be anxious?
27 Holy company is the most perfect means of purification.
28 Detach yourself from passions and desires, or else they will enslave you.
29 If wealthy, be humble.
30 Think always “Whom am I?”

Shirdi Sai Speaks – June Month Pictures Click Here to Download

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Hetal Ji..The download link is for calendar of May. Please upload the calendar for June pictures. Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Sai Ramji Anonymous ji,

    Ops!!! sorry for the inconvenience. The link for June has been updated now.

    Jai Sai Ramji,
    Sai Ki Deewani,
    Hetal Patil

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