Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram…!

Durgam Kaaj Jagat Ke Jete

Sugam Anugrah Tumhare Tete

Yes these are the couple of lines from Hanuman Chalisa that I have been humming since yesterday; meaning the most difficult tasks of the world become easy because of Your(Hanuman ji’s blessings). Hanuman Chalisa as we all know is one of the remarkable poetic creation of Goswami Tulsidas and acquires a special site and significance. It is believed that chanting Hanuman Chalisa can please Lord Hanuman and earn his golden blessings. His blessings are so significant and powerful that it can vanish every grieve and negative situation in any person’s life too fast and bring in peace and prosperity.

Lord Hanuman is a great devotee of lord Sri Ram. He is known as a ‘Chiranjeevi’ which means immortal and also omnipresent. He is also called as ‘Anjani Putra’ as his mother’s name was Anjani. He has freed Lord Shani dev from the prison in Lanka. Ravan, who was an evil demon in Ramayan, had imprisoned Shani dev and lord Hanuman helped Shani to escape successfully. Hence Lord Shani became a big devotee to Hanuman and anyone who has problems related to Shani Dev in his astrology can also approach Lord Hanuman for it’s permanent solution.

It is believed that every verse of Hanuman Chalisa has it’s own significance. It is said that the reciting the Hanuman Chalisa at night has got some amazing and miraculous effect on the person. However, the best time to recite Hanuman Chalisa is after taking a shower. Once you start reciting the Hanuman Chalisa regularly you will definitely start to discern all the advantages and benefits. Most importantly if anyone is under the pernicious influences of the Saturn should go for chanting Hanuman Chalisa at night 8 times, on Saturdays for better results.

Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa as the first task in the morning will ensure that your day goes well, getting you and your family blessed. Apart from this chanting it has tremendous benefits and some of them are like good health, peace, better sleep, impossible becomes possible, increases the concentration power especially when students chant, helps to beat off evil things and forces from your life and many, many more.

In short Reciting the verses regularly and loudly can remove negative energies form within you and also from your house and can do you all good making the impossible possible. Moreover when you recite It by understanding it’s meaning one can feel it’s power too.

Lord Datta gave orders to Hanumanji to take the incarnation as Sai Baba in Kaliyug; this fact was known to me only after the Mahaparayan Dream post where one devotee Ketan Panchal from Bombay even sent me the only scripture that has the mention about it. As Baba too had drawn Hanumanji with Udi when He gave orders for Mahaparayan there is definitely some connection; may be Baba wants us to make the longest garland every year thus increasing its length day by day.

With Hanuman Jayanti round the corner Baba has been giving many indications for Hanuman Chalisa chanting or Parayan. Parayan as you all know means the nitya or regular study of something done with love and faith. Baba’s indications were further confirmed when I was added into the Hanuman Chalisa Chanting group by Rajyalaxmi ji. It has been a very special peculiarity of Baba that I have observed that whatever seva He wants me to take up and tell others to do, He makes sure that I myself start doing it first be it anything. Eg Baba made me do daily reading of Stavan Manjari from August 2017, Vishnu Sahastranamavali from 30th Sept 2017, daily one chapter from Sai Satcharitra, naam jaap and so on much before these sevas were taken up. Although I do chant Hanuman Chalisa almost everyday but sometimes I do skip it knowingly or unknowingly. So Baba finally got me added to the group where because of the commitment to the group as well I won’t skip chanting It.

This time after Mahaparayan, BMP, AASM, VSP, SMP Baba has now inspired Hanuman Chalisa Parayan in a an out of box approach manner. Unlike forming whatsapp groups, giving everybody roll nos etc Baba has inspired it in a some other way. It usually has been happening that first the volunteers are behind enrolling people for any seva that starts and once people start becoming aware of it the seats get full and we are requested to form more groups or a complete new series. Just as we did for Ch 6 during Ramnavami where you read chapter 6, entered that whatsapp group, reported your name and reading and exited the group we will have something on these lines. Very rightly termed by Rajyalaxmi ji from USA that it gives a feel as if we going to the temple, offering our dakshina and coming out. I thank Rajyalaxmi too because of whom I felt inspired for this seva called The Longest Garland.

The Longest Garland: 2018 being a special year with Centenary year celebrations of Shirdi Sai Mahasamadhi, We wish to form the longest garland with as many flowers as possible with the help of devotees across the world. The devotees will start making this garland starting from this Hanuman Jayanti (31st March 2018) to next Hanuman Jayanti 2019. It will just not be a garland but much more than that. Every chant of Hanuman chalisa would contribute to one flower that will be stringed in the longest garland being made which will contribute to cover the globe with positive vibes and thus connect all His children. What could be a better gift to Baba? The best gift that we can give by just spending few minutes less than 5 minutes.

Since New Zealand is ahead of all with respect to time zone, this group becomes active for reporting your chants from 31st March 2018 (NZT) that is 30th March 2018 4.30 pm IST. We wish to make it the longest one with lakhs of flowers where each flower is equivalent to one time chanting of Hanuman Chalisa. There would be no restrictions with respect to time zone. All can follow their own time zone.

We will have a whatsapp group whose link would be shared to you all where only few chosen volunteers or sevaks would be the permanent members just as we have some sevaks who stay in or near by a temple to take care of the temple. The devotees like in temple come, pray, give offerings and finally leave the group. Some devotees come daily, some once a week or some more than once even on the same day. So similarly here in this whatsapp group the devotees are expected to come, report and exit as early as possible so that the traffic can be in control and we have only one group for this.

Each one of us will try serve in the best way, rest Baba means Hanumanji Himself will take all the care. Please take care that the devotees are expected to be less than few minutes in the group and exit after you report. So the group would be open for reporting and exiting 24*7. So Hanuman Chalisa Parayan group would be open to all and anyone can come and join it anytime. Anyone can chant any number of times and report the number. There would be no roll number as such. You may or may not even share your name. Only the no of chants offered by you is important for us according to which the meter or counter would be changed at the end of the day or after specific hours of intervals.

Although we would be forming this garland every year from every Hanauman Jayanti to Next Hanuman Jayanti we wish to have a special count of flowers being offered for the garland on the day of Hamunan Jayanti like 108 or 1008 or 1100 /2100/ 5100 or even 11000 if Baba wishes. This can only be possible with combined efforts. I have heard many devotees saying they would be chanting 7 or 11 times or even 108 times on Hanuman Jayanti. You may chant and report even for one time reading or hearing but if possible atleast on Hanuman Jayanti try doing it atleast 2 times so that we can offer the special count to Baba.

You can enter the group and report even multiple times but see to it that you report for your every chant only once. There should be no duplicacy with respect to reporting for the same chant. If you are reporting on behalf of someone you can do it along with yourself too stating the name of the person who has sent the flower or flowers for offering. If you already have a Hanuman Chalisa group then one responsible person can take the responsibility of reporting the total number of chants done by the group; thus reporting on behalf of the group. But make sure that those devotees are not reporting here for the same chant. If they have done more than that reported in that group then they can report. In short each flower of the garland should be for every unique chanting or hearing. It may happen that due to some network or phone problem you may not be able to report on the same day. So you can collectively report for those number of days stating the period. But make sure that you report for Hanuman Jayanti that time itself as we are interested to offer the special count.

Also those who wish can chant mala of Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. The name Ram most powerful than Lord ram Himself as stated in Ramayan itself. Chanting mala is not compulsory but good if you can chant atleast one as it is the most easiest way to please Hanumanji the greatest devotee of Shri Ram. Thank You Rakhiji from USA for the wonderful idea. This was I feel conveyed by Baba Himself making her as the medium as I had forgot this part and she was not even aware of these things going on in my mind. So I believe that Shri Ram’s mala would be like water that would keep our flowers at its best throughout the year.

  • The Reporting Format example

With Sairam And Hanumanji’s blessings wish to offer flowers for the longest garland.

Name: Pooja Garg
No of flowers/chants: 2
Quantity of Water (malas for Shri Ram): 1

The name, the starting lines etc not compulsory. You can even just report the no of chants for Hanuman Chalisa and Shri Ram malas if done. The link for whatsapp

Links for Joining WhatsApp Groups
(Link Opens Only In Mobile Version of the Blog)
Longest Garland Group
Volunteer’s Group


  • Co-operation From Devotees: As we will have only one group where the capacity is maximum 257 people, we require a lot of your cooperation to stay in the group for minimum duration so that the temple is not overcrowded and every devotee has the chance to offer their flowers everyday. Else the volunteers may be forced to remove you when they see you are done, If you wish to do any seva do drop a message. If Baba wills we shall reach you. If any other content is shared the volunteers may even block you permanently. If due to crowd you are unable to login you can report collectively taking care of duplicacy and it would be open 24*7 which is the best part.
  • Link Access: We would soon create a facebook page where we will share the link everyday. Likewise Hanumanji Himself will guard this temple from evil forces but still to test our faith if at all due to some reasons the link is revoked then you can get the access to new link from our central point facebook page.
  • Need for Reporting: Many of you may feel that I am chanting daily why should I report to show off. The devotion may not always be a show off. Sometimes you never know how many lives you inspire to follow the good path. Here as I said we wish to make the longest garland so reporting is necessary so that we can count on the numbers and thus with its success we can inspire many more for reading in the years to come. So Chant, come forward and don’t forget to offer your flowers.
  • Duplicacy: After Hanuman Jayanti you can even come and report for the entire week for you as well as on behalf of your family and friends but see to it that there is no duplicacy in reporting.
  • Change in Approach: Those who already have groups may not feel the need to report or some other people too may come up with such things. We need to have the feel that this we all the children of the same Baba across the globe would be doing and Baba Himself would be guiding and getting the longest garland done. So you may take the initiative to report on behalf of your group as their head with prior notifying them and see to it that t there is no duplicacy.

Jo Sat Bar Path Kar Koi, Chhute Bandi Maha-Sukh Hoi
Jo Yah Padhe Hanuman-Chalisa, Hoi Siddhi Sakhi Gaurisa

The verses from Hanuman Chalisa meaning one who recites Chalisa one hundred times, becomes free from the bondage of life and death and enjoys the highest bliss at last and all those who recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly are sure to be benedicted that is blessed. Such is the evidence of no less a witness as Bhagwan Shankar Himself.

So what are you waiting for? Take up the resolution, spread the word and get ready to offer highest number of flowers for Hanumanji’s garland which shall be the longest one where each devotee will come and offer their flower or flowers of love, faith, devotion and commitment. You can be the one to offer highest number of flowers either by yourself chanting it or even by being a reason for someone else to chant and thus contribute to the additional flower in the garland.

Last but not the least I have come on a family picnic to a place where the network is very poor. My post was incomplete and then it had to be published today anyhow. So I prayed our Baba Hanumanji and lo the internet access is good enough that I can manage to post it. It shows all He is doing and controlling. So with all the bhakti and love, lets make the longest garland with Shraddha and Saburi for our Shirdi Sai Who is Lord Hanumanji Himself and sptread the word to our near and dear ones.

Let’s chant Hanuman Chalisa and cover the globe with the garland of its positive vibes. So how many flowers would you like to contribute for the longest garland that is being made by the children Of Baba across the globe?

1.How many times should I chant Hanuman Chalisa and Ram Mala?
Ans:You can chant once or any number of times. Shri Ram mala if chanted good else not compulsory.

2. Is it okay if I do not chant daily?
Ans. Just as if you go to the temple everyday its good similarly if you chant daily it will be good but still Its okay if you do not chant daily. But make sure when you chant you report and contribute your flower for the garland.

3. If I am unable to report due to any reason can I report it next day?
Ans. Yes you can report in the group collectively even for a week but make sure the count is correct.

4. Can I report on behalf of my friend or family members who are not well versed with reporting or whatsapp etc.?
Ans. Yes you can but make sure that there is no duplicacy of reporting the same chants by your other friends or family members.

5. I do not have whatsapp. How can I report?
Ans. You can report from someone else’s whatsapp too.

6. Should ladies chant Hanuman Chalisa?
Ans. Yes even ladies can and I too have been chanting it from my teens.

7. What time can we chant? Are any special no of chants to be done on tuesday or Saturday?
Ans: You can chant it anytime even at night and report too as it would be for 24*7. If you want you cant chant 7 or 11 times or even once on Tuesdays or Saturdays.

8. Where can we chant?
Ans. Anywhere you can chant with all faith and love.

9. Is chanting Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram compulsory? How many malas should we chant?
Ans. Its not but Hanumanji is pleased when you chant Ram name. You can chant atleast one mala if you want. Nothing is compulsory.

10. Can I hear the audio?
Ans Yes You can.

11. Will I get any roll no etc.?
Ans. No nobody will get any roll nos. etc. This group will be open to all at any point of time. If any queries you can post in the group, we will try our best to answer but no calls please; a humble request.

12. How can I contribute as a sevak?
Ans. You can even form a group of any number of people who will report you and you can then report on their behalf collectively. You can also join in our Sevak group where many opportunities for seva are available. Your time and efforts can also be seva apart from donating money, food and clothes. We also want sevak who are interested to maintain the count. If interested you can drop a message about it.

13. Where can I get the link if I loose it? 
Ans: You can save it somewhere and also we would soon create a facebook page for it from where you can access it. Here is it (whats app link)

Links for Joining WhatsApp Groups
(Link Opens Only In Mobile Version of the Blog)
Longest Garland Group
Volunteer’s Group

Let’s chant Hanuman Chalisa and cover the globe with the garland of its positive vibes. So how many flowers would you like to contribute for the longest garland that is being made by the children Of Baba across the globe?

***Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram***

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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  1. I wanted to share my experience few minutes before your post I was reading about Hanumanji.. I don't even know that 31st is Hanumanji Jayanti..Im part of MP ND Naam Jaap group, sevak group too .. Within few minutes of reading about Hanumanji I got ur message in what's app.. I know Hanuman Chalisa completely and can recite it without reading or looking at book.. But I have stopped chanting regularly.. MY mom was saying me you hardly take 3 mins to complete one full chant why are you not doing that.. But then I didn't listen to her. And lo today Baba sent a message through you.. You said perfectly when we are part of a group we somehow do it.. Thanks I don't know whether you will read this comment.. But I would take this opportunity to thank Baba. OM Sairam

  2. In Sripadha Sri Vallabha (Lord Dattatreya's first incarnation) Charitamruth, it's mentioned lord Sripadha tells Hanuman Ji to take form of Sai in Shiladhi (Shirdi).

  3. Jai sai sri sad guru sai nath maharajki jai..babaji plz make me pass ..meri lajj rakhlo..apne jiwan ke harek more pe sath diya hai..plz take me out from these two problem of you sai..soon i hope to share my experience

  4. *Lord Sri Ram protects those who pray from the depth of heart – A true story* 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Somewhere during 1982/83, a young Indian lady was on a visit to the U.S. on an assignment.

    She was in *Brooklyn, New York.*

    One day, after completing the day’s work, she left the office. It was late in the evening.

    Unfortunately, she could not get a taxi to reach her temporary residence which was at an approximate distance of a kilometer and a half, and the road ran through the locality known for pockets of notoriety with the presence of anti social elements.

    The lady had no other alternative but to walk down the distance; the very thought instilled fear in her.

    But she started walking reciting *Ram Raksha* from the bottom of her heart.

    She knew the meaning of the stotra and when she reached the shloka –

    "Atta sajja dhanusha vishuprasha vaksahya shuga nishang sanginou—–'

    which means that may *Lord Rama and Lakshmana armed with bows and arrows always escort me in my path, for protection,* she kept repeating the same shloka.

    On her way, the lady could see groups of rough looking black youngsters at many places, talking in high voice, but surprisingly they were silent and withdrew when she passed by.

    And she reached her safe locality without any untoward incident whatsoever taking place all along the road.

    Near her residence, she met a youth acquaintance, who gave her a friendly smile.

    On reaching the home, she completed the recitation of the remaining portion of the Ram Raksha, prayed to Lord Ram and expressed gratitude to Him for her safe return.

    Next morning the youth acquaintance whom she had met the previous evening asked her, ”What was the matter yesterday?

    You were escorted by two policemen”.

    “No” she said in surprise.

    “I was alone,” she said.

    “What” he asked.

    *“I saw that you were escorted by two sturdy and tall Police Officers armed with revolvers,”* he said with a ring of conviction.

    This story had appeared in *‘Satya Katha'*, a Marathi Magazine, long ago.

    A devotee of Lord Sri Ram sent it; it was in Marathi, and an attempt is made to translate it into English, as much it was possible.

    He will *certainly protect us at all times and at all places* as he protected the lady in U.S.

    Jai Shri Ram !!!!

  5. is the site where u can write "sairam" online…plz join in the collective efforts of saibhaktas to write name "sairam"and make the world more peaceful

  6. Its really great and I am very much gratefull to be a part of AASM earlier we were using watsapp for sharing chating but now it connected us with Baba .Om Sai Ram baba bless us all

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