Shirdi Sai Speaks – Teachings for May

Shirdi Sai Speaks - Teachings for May
With Sai Baba’s immense grace and blessings, i will be presenting teachings from Shirdi Sai Speaks for the month of May in this post. At the end of the post is Shirdi Sai Speaks download link of all pictures at one go. Picture are zipped in folder. After downloading the folder, ‘right click’ it and select ‘Extract to 05May’ to unzip all the pictures.

1 It is My desire that I always take care of the welfare of those devotees who worship Me wholeheartedly.
2 He who wants to get freedom from the cycle of birth and death, should lead a righteous life.
3 He who rests in the shade of Dwarkamai attains bliss.
4 I have never neglected My devotees. I, the slave of My devotees, have always stood by them, and longed for their love.
5 The self-realised person is the emancipated one. He is in the world, but not of it.
6 If you always say “Sai, Sai”, I shall take you over the seven seas.
7 The desire to serve Sai will render the devotee desireless, for ever.
8 I rest where there is full devotion.
9 If you do not like to part with what you have, do not say that you have nothing. Decline politely.
10 It is only in the purified mind that viveka and vairagya grows and leads one to self-realisation.
11 If there be even a little trace of greed in mind, all the Sadhnas (spiritual endeavours) are of no avail.
12 It is better for one to take only what he can digest and assimilate.
13 If you listen to me carefully, you will benefit. Sitting in this Masjid, I never speak the untruth.
14 If you practise meditation continously, vrittis (thoughts) will be purified.
15 If you cannot meditate on My formless nature, meditate on My form.
16 If someone comes to you, do not drive him away. Receive him well and treat with respect.
17 If anybody wants money and you are not inclined to give decline politely.
18 If you always tolerate hatred, you will certainly be happy.
19 It is on account of former relationship that we are together. Let us love, serve each other and be happy.
20 I am omnipresent, occupying land, air, light and heaven and am not limited.
21 If any devotee mediates on Me with complete self-surrender, he shall experience complete union with Me.
22 It is impossible to describe all My ways and measures.
23 If you want to see My light, be egoless and humble, and meditate on Me.
24 If once a person sits in Dwarkamai; all his troubles shall come to an end.
25 I gave this (Vishnu Sahasranama) book to you, read it daily, slowly, little by little, and it will do you good.
26 If you chant mantras daily, your mind will attain peace and you will be immensely benefitted.
27 I require no door to enter, I have no form nor any shape; I always live everywhere.
28 I am the controller of all the actions of a man who trusts Me and merges in Me.
29 One who worships Sai is always filled with pure joy as Sai is a mine of self-knowledge.
30 The Lord is the Sole Doer and Inspirer.
31 If I take one rupee as dakshina from anybody, I will return tenfold to him.

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  1. I want to see sai "s presence in tokyo. by the blessings of sai I am here for few days with my son. I have a photo of sai, who also wanted to visit tokyo with me.

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