Saiclopedia – Sai Temples Across the Globe by Shama Rana

We know our Lord Sai Baba’s name has reached many parts of the world. His deeds and sports are very inscrutable that His devotees, let him/her be in any corner of the world and in any state of mind, cant stop praying and remembering Him. Every human is bound by his/her nature, but if Sai devotees are taken apart, we see them speaking about His leelas without use of fullstops and commas. Even Lord Baba has come out from His Dwarkamai and settled His abode in many temples of the world. Always an uncertainty prevails if we travel to other city/country, whether we would get darshan of our Lord in this strange and new place. How will it be possible to reach Him? Who will help me? What will be temple timings? Many such questions crop up naturally due to this uncertainty. But now i guess this problem has been solved to a great extent by our Sai sister Shama Rana ji.

It gives me immense pleasure to share the news with you all that Sai sister Shama ji has taken an initiative to compile details of various Shirdi Sai Baba Temples across the world and formed an e-book. She has dedicated two years to shape this e-book which has been named as “Saiclopedia – Sai Temples Across the Globe”. It’s really very informative book for those devotees of Lord Baba who travel from place to place. For others too who do not know exact location or history of Lord Baba temples in their own cities/town/state, it will be useful. The book is almost of 400+ pages. Thus the vastness of information contained in this e-book can be judged by number of pages it carries. There is also detailed information about Shirdi. The book can be previewed and purchased from the following links:

I am sure this book will be very useful to information seeking devotees of Lord Baba. I wish Sai sister Shama ji good luck and wishes for this venture.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Good will be definitely useful for all sai devotees…thanks Shama ji for this wonderful book

  2. I hope the book goes well down with the readers. I thank all the Sai devotees and temple managements the world over for helping me in this noble initiative.

    Sai bless us all.

  3. Our Sai makes devotees do such things, which are beneficial to one and all. My best wishes to you.

  4. sai ram,
    our sai always gives and gives and will keep on giving ; so that`s right if we His devotees we follow and keep sharing and loving.

    with sai love

  5. What can I say…I have witnessed all this on a couple of occasions….Its miraculous…Jai Sai Ram!
    I have met Nagarajan Maama a couple of times as well…He is a great person!
    A must visit temple I should say……Its miracles were talked about in a show.. All baba temple trust

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