How To Observe Lord Sripada Srivallabha’s Disappearance (Mahasamadhi)

Lord Sripada Srivallabha, the first avatar of Lord Dattatreya in the Kaliyuga, ended His incarnation in physical form on Guru Dwadashi by taking Jal Samadhi in the Krishna river at the age of 30 years. Guru Dwadashi 2021 date is November 2.

Mahasamadhi Year: 1350 A.D

Mahasamadhi (Antardhan) Place: Shri Kshetra Kurvapur (also known as Kurugadda or Kurugaddi; located on the banks of Krishna river in border of Telangana & Karnataka states, India)

Mahasamadhi Day/Time: Guru Dwadashi (the day of antardhan of Sri Padavallabha-ashweeja bahula dwadasi).

There are couple of videos to give the overview of the Shri Kshetra Kurvapur which devotees can refer

Shri Kshetra Kuravpur Darshan – 2015:

More details about Shri Kshetra Kurvapur :

Observing Lord’s Disappearance Day

To observe this holy occasion, following activities are suggested:

  • Naam Jaap (Chanting of Holy name/Mantras) (108 times or upto individual)
    “Digambara Digambara Srīpāda Vallabha Digambara”
    “Datta Digambarā! Srīpādavallabha Digambarā! Narasimha Saraswati Digambarā!’
    Srīpāda Rājam Saranam Prapadye!
      • Reciting Sahasranama of Lord Sripada

        Other resources:

          • Donation of Food to needy in the name of Lord Dutta
              • Parayan of Holy books – Sri Gurucharitra and Sri Srīpāda Srivallabha Charitamrutam
                  • On Guru Dwadashi, request devotees to read Chapters of Holy books (Sri Gurucharitra and Sri Srīpāda Srivallabha Charitamrutam) in which the disappearance of Lord Srīpāda is mentioned.
                      • Chapter 51 (page 541) “Protection from Drowning and Other Perils” of Sri Srīpāda Srivallabha Charitamrutam
               – Chapter 9 – A Washerman Blessed to be a King of Shri Guru Charitra
                          • Undertaking regular reading (parayan) of the holy book
                            • Further, we request readers and devotees to consider taking the Parayan of the holy book Sri Srīpāda Srivallabha Charitamrutam to read a few pages daily to complete at least one chapter every week. In this way, over the course of a year one will be able to complete the parayan of all the chapters.

                              To download the english version

                              Since Sri Ganesh Chaturthi (2 months ago), a group of devotees also started the daily reading of Sri Srīpāda Srivallabha Charitamrutam besides chanting of Digambara Maha-Mantra (Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara) and Siddha Mangala Strotram.

                              Interested devotees can join this Whatsapp group for further execution of the reading with directions and instructions.

                              Details of Lord Sripada Srivallabha’s disappearance as mentioned in Holy Book Sri Srīpāda Srivallabha Charitamrutam

                              Ref: Chapter 51

                              Lord Sripada Srivallabha’s disappearance is mentioned in the Chapter 51 “Protection from Drowning and Other Perils” of Sri Srīpāda Srivallabha Charitamrutam. It was narrated by Sri Shankar Bhatt, author of Sri Srīpāda Srivallabha Charitamrutam who at that time was serving the supreme Lord. The content is taken from the holy book without modification.

                              The efficacy of a devoted reading of Sri Srīpāda Srivallabha Charitamrutam book

                              It was the twelfth day of the second half of the month Aswayuja. It was the day of Hasta star. After taking a bath in the Krishna River, Lord Srīpāda Srīvallabha went into meditation for some time. That day, the fire in the stove was not burning, however hard I (Sri Shankar Bhatt) tried. The fire died down. Lord Srīpāda asked me to bathe once again and come to Him. Then he began to declare, “My dear Shankar Bhatt, the time has come for Me to hide this gross body. I will disappear in the Krishna River. I will be moving in disguise in this Kurungadda. After that, I will come again with the name of Lord Narasimha Saraswati to restore the order of asceticism. This great sacred book named Sri Srīpāda Srīvallabha Charitāmrutam, which you are writing, will become a kalpataruvu to devotees. It will be a book where every letter of it will be true. In the sky, only sound will be present. I will have the directions as My robe. Therefore, I am called Digambara. The reading of this book will greatly help in correcting one’s mental world. One who does a pious reading of this book will be benefitted in this world and in the other worlds also. Know that each letter in this book equals to that of the Vedic sayings. The Sanskrit copy of the book that you are writing will be preserved in the form of many fathoms deep beneath the audumbara tree in My Maha Samsthan. The heavenly sounds emanating from there cannot be heard by the physical ears. Those who receive My call in their heart will surely come for My dārshan. I am always alert in the protection of My devotees. A Telugu translation for your Sanskrit work will also come. It will come into light in the thirty-third generation of Srī Bāpanārya. It will be translated into many languages. The divine experiences and the protection will be the same regardless of the language it is read.

                              Lord Srīpāda’s Assurance to Shankar Bhatt

                              “You have served Me very much. You are like a child who is attached to his father. I am presenting you My wooden pādukas. Do not grieve thinking that I am not here. You stay here for three more years. During these three years, I will give you dārshan in the effulgent form. I will be informing you about many yogic secrets.

                              Disappearance of Lord Srīpāda

                              After three years, on the twelfth day of the second half of the month Aswayuja, read the Sri Srīpāda Srīvallabha Charitāmrutam written by you in the presence of My pādukas. Those who come for My dārshan on that day are all fortunate ones. My auspicious blessings will always be with you all.”

                              Lord Srīpāda Srīvallabha, the supreme Lord, after affirming so, got down into the Krishna River and disappeared.

                              I hugged the wooden sandals to my heart and sobbed like a small child who lost its mother. Then I fainted. After I woke up, I took a bath in the Krishna River and went into meditation. Lord Srīpāda Srīvallabha gave dārshan in His effulgent form to my mental eyes.


                              With the blessings of Lord Sripada Srivallabha (who is one with Samarth Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj), we conclude today’s post and request Lord Sripada for His grace on this entire creation. May the Lord give us the strength to follow the path.

                              Jai GuruDev Dutta!

                              Jai Srīpāda Srivallabha!

                              Jai Sai!

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