How Dasganu Maharaj Composed Shirdi Maze Pandharpur

How Dasganu Maharaj Composed Shirdi Maze Pandharpur

दासगणु महाराज ने “शिरडी माझे पंढरपुर” की रचना कैसे की?

एक पुलिस अधिकारी के रूप में सेवा और छिपकर दासगणू अब जान बचाने के लिए अपनी यात्रा आगे बढ़ाते हैं। इस यात्रा में नानासाहेब चांदोरकर के संपर्क में आते हैं। यह उनके जीवन में एक महत्वपूर्ण मोड़ को दर्शाता है।

Sri Sai Guru Charitra is a biography on the life of Sai Baba of Shirdi, written by Sant Kavi Das Ganu Maharaj. Sant Kavi Das Ganu wrote three books on different saints, in which he devoted four chapters to Sai Baba. These books are called 'Bhakta Leelamrita', 'Bhakti Saramrita' and 'Sant Kathamrita'. The four chapters have been combined into one book, under the title of "Shri Sai Gurucharitra", and were translated into English in 1949.

Stories About Dasganu Maharaj Translated from the book Sai Sarovar

  1. Police Turned Into Poise
  2. How Dasganu Served As A Saint In Ram Mandir
  3. Dasganu Maharaj – A Dedicated Police Officer

A few days later, one night, Kaana Bhil approached Gangaram Patel once again and said, “Patel, believe me, or not that saint in the Ram temple is the informant of the police.”

Patel replied, “You please stop thinking him to be an informant, that day Inspector Maruti had come and thrashed him thinking him to be your companion. Somehow we took the situation into our hands and saved him. On the contrary, I suggest you surrender yourself to him. You could escape from police that day only because of his blessings”. Both of them then went to the temple. Kaana Bhil touched the feet of Dasganu Maharaj and exclaimed, “Maharaj, I can see the impression of shoes of a policeman”. With a shock, but hiding it at the same time Dasganu replied, “We are used to wearing such kinds of shoes in Konkan”. This reply convinced Kaana.

Kaana took out a gold necklace and presented it to Dasganu saying, “That day you got a beating from Inspector Maruti and you endured pain for me. I will not spare that officer. Take my words”. Dasganu replied, “Please do not give room to avenge towards anyone for me. God has His own ways of dealing with our karma. Remember you were the one who had woken me up that day on gunpoint. God does well to all”. Giving the necklace to Gangaram, he said, “I am saint, I have nothing to do with the gold. Please sell it off and give one-third of money received to Balbhatt and spend the rest in repairs of this temple”. Seeing such a kind and compassionate nature of Dasganu Kaana was now sure that he cannot be a shroud police officer.

After Kaana Bhil escaped from the government’s clutches, it was convinced that it was almost impossible to arrest Kaana alive. Thus Dasganu was summoned to Manikdauri police station to collect six riflles, ammunition, and license along with his six-month salary, allowance, and prize money.

Dasganu thought bringing a riffle here won’t be of any use. If he shoots Kaana and if he escapes, he will kill me then and there. Another side, if he gets killed by me, all of his men won’t die in a day, they will find me anyhow and kill me. No matter what is the result of keeping a riffle, I am sure to die in this Loni village. Still, to adhere to the government orders, he went and collected his salary, incentives, prize and also rifles, cartridges and license. However, instead of going to Loni village from Manikdauri, he proceeded to Miraj and met his doctor friend there. He shared whatever he had gone through with him. The doctor advised him to get admitted to his hospital, grow a beard, live incognito and leave the rest on him. He also agreed to send his medical report to the government.

The doctor sent a close and reliable person to Ahmednagar with a report and a letter stating, “Ganesh Dattatreya Sahastrabuddhe, serving as head constable in your department, is undergoing treatment by me. Request you to accept the gun and cartridge surrendered by him”.

The Ahmednagar police department sent a reply to the doctor saying that Ganesh Dattatreya is a very important man of the government and it wants him to get the best possible treatment. Sending a government vehicle for the sick person to be shifted to a big hospital in Ahmednagar. The doctor gave medicine to induce Dasganu’s body temperature in order to hide his pseudo illness and thereby he was admitted to a hospital in Ahmednagar.

Dasganu then stayed for several days in the hospital under the pretext of weakness. He got acquainted with a relative of Deputy Collector of the District, Nanasaheb Chandorkar, and through the relative got his recommendation to be transferred to Jamkheda. Dasganu now completely realized the power of good deeds and thanked God for saving his life.

This is how the story of Dasganu and Kaana Bhil ends from here. Eventually, Kashiram, a tailor and a devotee of Sai Baba, was attacked by Kaana in the forest of Chitli near Nanded village. He was killed there.

Nanasaheb Becomes A medium

Nanasaheb Chandorkar used to get along very well with everyone, He was very funny and cheerful. He enjoyed “Tamasha” very much, so a close friendship was formed between Nanasaheb and Dasgunu and they became close friends. Dasganu now was confident that he will get a promotion because of the influence of Nanasaheb and thus he did not fulfill his vow of leaving the job. Instead, he thought if he resigns after promotion, the pension amount will also be more accordingly. Thus the color of devotion faded away which had surfaced only for a temporal period.

Nanasaheb used to go to Shirdi at least twice or thrice a month. Once he said to Dasganu, “I will not rest until you come with me to Shirdi”. Since Nanasaheb was a senior official and also a close friend to Dasganu. So for his sake, he decided to accompany him to Shirdi. Taking only one Darshan of Sai Baba in Shirdi, Dasganu experienced a spur of devotion rising in him. He had darshan of Pandhari (Pandurang) in Sai Baba. He took a musical instrument and started singing forgetting his existence itself.

Dasganu Composes “Shirdi Maze Pandharpur”

Meaning of Shirdi Maze Pandharpur
शिरड़ी माझे पंढरपुर, साईबाबा रमावर | Shirdi Maze Pandharpur, SaiBaba Ramavar,

साई रमावर, साईबाबा रमावर | Sai Ramavar, Sai Baba Ramavar.

शुद्ध भक्ति चंद्रभागा, भाव पुंडलीक जागा | Shudh Bhakti Chandrabhaga, Bhaav Pundalik Jaga,

पुंडलीक जागा, भाव पुंडलीक जागा, | Pundalik Jaga, bhaav pundalik jaga.

याहो याहो अवधे जन, करा बाबा ची वंदन | Yaho Yaho Avadhe Jan, Kara Baba Chi Vandan,

बाबा ची वंदन, करा बाबा ची वंदन | Baba Chi Vandan, Kara Baba Chi Vandan.

गणु मने बाबा साईं, धाव पाँव माझे आई | Ganu Manhe Baba Sai, Dhav Pav Maze Aai,

पाँव माझे आई, धाव पाँव माझे आई | Paav Maze Aai, Dhav Pav Maze Aai.

This Hym Is Sung In Shirdi After Madhyayan Arti Even Today

This hym is sung in shirdi after madhyayan arti even today.

Meaning of “Shirdi Maze Pandharpur”

"O Ho! Shirdi is my Pandharpur, The Ramapati (Pandurang) Who resides in Pandharpur, is here as Sai Baba in Shirdi.

The pure devotion that has raised in my heart is like the Chandrabhaga river that flows in Pandharpur, it is like the devotee of Pandurang Pundalik.

O devotees, come, come and prostrate (to Sai Baba)

Like a mother comes running to her kid on seeing him, the same way Sai Baba is my mother running towards me."

Dasganu becomes a staunch devotee of Sai Baba after this. He remembered Baba in every action he was engaged in.

Shirdi Majhe Pandharpur sung by Lata Mangeshkar

Source: Translated from Gujarati Book Sai Sarovar

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